Tuesday, March 31, 2009

36 Week Check Up

Even though I don't officially hit the 36 week/9 month point until tomorrow, I had my check-up yesterday. I can't believe I'll be in my 9th month already. I hope these next few weeks fly by like the past months since I want to meet the little guy who has been going spastic inside my belly at times and has those darn hiccups everyday (I feel bad for him).

The check up went well. All my vitals are great. She asked if I was having any contractions and I just explained I've been having the practice ones where the belly tightens up, but nothing more.

We heard his heartbeat and a nice big kick while she was listening. He had just finished the hiccups before she put the listening devise on my belly and that would have been interesting to hear. Maybe next time.

My belly was measured and she said I'm in the 36-37 week range with my belly size (which I thought was good since its about right on target) and that she is predicting he weights about 6 1/2 pounds. She explained that sometimes the predictions are right on target or they are way off. I don't know which one makes me feel any better.

But, the whole check-up went wonderfully. So, I'm on the weekly check-up schedule now which is great! I get to hear about my little boy weekly and also get out of work early once a week.


Cherish said...

Wow, I didnt realise that you were so close. I mean I knew, but its still just hitting me. Wow! Good luck girlie!!!!

Melissa said...

Love it! :D
As for the guessing the weight, Violet would have been the same size they guessed (I would say) If I didn't have her the day I did. She was due May 15th and guessing weight was almost 7lbs and she was born May 6th (still full term) weighting in at 5lbs 11.9ounces two weeks for a pound and a bit, I think so. :)