Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cleaning Phase

Jeff made an observation over the weekend that I think he is absolutely correct about. It was Saturday night, as we were settling down to go to bed, and he said "I think you are in your cleaning phase of the pregnancy". I told him, yup I agree and it hit me hard.

So its official, I'm in the nesting phase. I want to clean and straighten everything in the house. If I could, I'd be out there doing yard work too, but its hard for me to bend over so I'll save all of that for after the baby arrives.

But, in the house, I want to clean, clean, clean! I want to make room for items from the shower, I want to finish the boys room (we have to wait for a part for the crib before we can do that), I want to find places for household items my FIL just places where ever HE thinks is a good place for them rather then actually putting them away and anything else I can put my hands on. I want to do a good spring cleaning in the bathroom, kitchen and living room, but I need to find cleaning products I can be around first (any ideas?).

Also, the thing is that delays me a little is once I get into a project, I get super tired. My back starts to ache and I lose steam, but then my second wind comes and watch out! But, my goal is to take care of one thing at a time and also build in some down time to relax.

It was amazing though how fast and quickly that feeling took over. I wasn't lazy before, but this nesting faze is definitely the real deal!


Cherish said...

I always liked my nesting phase because it gave me something to focus on other than my belly! :P As for products, I have no clue. I just used whatever I normally would...sorry I cant be much help

Kellan said...

It's an exciting time for you guys and I went through the nesting phase - seriously - with all my kids. It's very constructive - hope you get lots done and enjoy it.

Take care of yourself - Kellan