Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Drew's Shower, Part 2

First, I have to explain that some photo's were lost (I don't want to point any fingers and blame anyone but it could have been a malfunctioning camera or operator error, but I don't want to get involved in that mess).

So, we don't have photo's of what the room, the favors or the tables, but I will share with you some of the pictures that were able to be saved since the operator switched camera's half way through the shower.
Me and the proud grandpa-to-be, my dad. He came to visit with friends and relatives and enjoy the party he and my mom hosted. He loves to ware his tux tee-shirt to casual gatherings. He wore the same shirt to Jeff and my wedding reception (since it was a casual BBQ). Isn't he adorable though?

The gift table. The first table with the arranged bags are the raffle prizes, but beyond that is all the goodies we had fun opening during present time. Oh, it was fun getting it all into the trucks and mini-van without worrying about the rain or getting things wet, but we managed!

Someone asked me if I had a favorite gift and I couldn't think of just one gift I loved more then another. I am just so grateful for everything we received, but the cutest arranged gift was from my grandma and her bff Louise. Above is a picture after we opened it up, but it had her homemade quilt, diaper bag, clothes, toys and receiving blankets all arranged in Drew's first wagon. She went with the John Deere tractor theme since it matches the baby's room theme.

This is my dad holding up the wall during present time. He had a great view of all the presents being opened and he guarded the cupcakes too.

My Auntie Vicki and her bff who is a great friend of the family too. My aunt is the one who cooks up the idea for the clothes line of different baby clothes for the baby shower gift. I know all my aunts pitched in, but she gets the full credit in my mind since she puts it all together.

Another picture of family. The women in the black shirt is my grandma's bff Louise, middle is my cousin Molly and then my grandma in the white shirt. Some people think that my cousin Molly is my little girl at functions who don't know who parents.

Isn't he the cutest little man? This is my cousin Sebastian who was born last September. He can't wait for his new buddy to be born soon so he can have someone to play with! And what's a baby shower without a baby anyways!

When we got home, the boys placed gifts in any open area. Here is a snapshot of Drew's area. The rest was placed in the living room (pictured below) and in the kitchen.

Almost everything has a home now between the baby's room, the living room, basement or our room. We still have a few things to pick up and arrange, but we are pretty much ready to welcome Drew. Yeah, I still have to wash the clothes, sheets, towels and blankets, but that won't take too long since the items are so tiny. We are heading to Babies R Us tomorrow night and I can't wait to hit the store and take care of business. When the room is complete, I'll show it off.


Cherish said...

Im speachless...thats a lot of stuff!!!

Melissa said...

HOLY WOW!! Nice clean hun! Glad you got a lot for the little man!!!
You looked like you had a great shower, congrats!