Monday, March 16, 2009

New Celebrity Crush

We all have them, those celebrity crushes. Some people do go over board with there's, but I just like to watch them do their handy work whether it be acting, comedy or sports. Since that's the reason they are in the spot light and get the celebrity attention right? I may catch up on some gossip from time to time on them too, but I wouldn't even think of stalking them or anything silly like that since that is way too creepy.

My new crush added to my "list" of favorite's is Dane Cook. He started off as a comic and has been in a few movies from time to time. If you've ever heard his comedy routine, he's very rude, crude and raunchy.....but he's hilarious at the same time. Oh, and to me, not so bad on the eye's either.

He's coming around our area for the first time for a show at one of the Connecticut casino's, but I can't go since its a few days before my due date. That is all I would need, to be sitting in the audience, laughing and my water break. Then have to rush almost 2 hours home to get to the hospital. So, hopefully soon he'll be back in the area again since that will be a great night out!

My other crush that hasn't left the top of the list is Wentworth Miller. He's been on my "list" since we discovered Prison Break a couple of years ago. Yeah, he is the main reason now to watch the show since the story is way out in left field, but with him in the show, its tolerable. Jeff teases me that we have to watch my boyfriend when we watch the show. Hey, he has crushes too!! I'd like to see what he'd do if Christina Aguilera walked by him and see his reaction!

So, who are your celebrity crushes? Any new one's like me? Any old one's you'd like to share?


Cherish said...

mmmmmm to both of them! I cant think of too many by name but I do have a few...

Melissa said...

I agree Dane Cook, nom nom :)

But my honey would have to be Shia Labeouf, YUM-ME. You so lucky to actually have celebrities come around from time to time, I wish :(

lol. Also to name just a few;

Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Danny Smith, Seth Rogan, none of which in an order. EEEEeeeee CUTE BOYS.

Ps. my word verification is "curses" :D