Friday, January 30, 2009

And Another Question Please

To continue with the blog tag/meme from the other day, I will answer Melissa's (from Complimentary Chocolate) questions from part of the tag.

Here I go..............................

1. If there was anyone you could meet in person, who would it be and why?
Well, the first person that popped in my head was Brad Pitt. I've had liked him as an actor (and he's HOT) for sometime now, so it would be nice to sit down and chat with him over a cup of tea/coffee. Also, I couldn't think of anyone else that I'd like to meet under pressure.

2. If you could find out when you would die, or how would you die, which one would you pick?
I would say, how I would die.

3. And why?
I would chose to know how I would die rather then knowing when so I would know ahead of time if its peaceful or not so I could come to terms with the situation first.

4. Is there something that lingers in your head that you did that was embarrassing or just something you regretted you can't seem to get out of your head for good?
I can't reveal my most embarrassing event in my life, but I will share an embarrassing situation that repeats in my head on occasion.
I played high school football. At one of the games, as the whole team was running out on the field I tripped and fell on the big paper banner that the team runs through while the cheerleaders hold it up. Stupid thing! So, once-in-awhile I just shake my head when that glimpse of embarrassment pops up in my head.

5. What is the one thing you could not live without? (materialistic)
My computer. I can't imagine not having one around. Its such a great resource for information from the Internet, information gathering/storing and just fun.

Nice & Relaxed

I indulged in a treat for myself the other evening. I went for a prenatal massage. Oh, it was lovely.

I have a bad back and since my belly is getting larger, its been causing my entire right side to flair up and cause even more discomfort. The "new" pain can come and go daily ranging from my shoulder blade area all the way down to my hip (and sometime cause my leg to feel numb or its about to fall asleep but without the tingling).

So, it was time to find some relief. I tried to make an appointment a couple of weeks ago, but the two people at the spa who perform the prenatal massage were booked solid for the day. So I took what ever the next available appointment was available which was for this past Tuesday evening.

While the massage was performed, I could feel where the tension spots were located (other then my new troubled areas were), but as she worked the muscled, relief came. It was so relaxing and worth it.

The bed was soft and warm (they have heated beds). The lights were dim, soft music played in the background with a small water fountain splashing in the corner. The message started on my right side (my back and legs), then I flipped over for the left side (back and legs) and finally I was on my back so she could work on my neck area.

When I left the spa the other night, I was pain free and warm. It was the best thing I could have treated myself too these days. I've already made another appointment for the end of next month. I can't wait!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Questions of the Day

The lovely Cherish had a blog tag/meme posted a little while ago that contained certain questions just for her. If we wanted to play along, she would then think of specific questions for the new people playing to answer. Well, here are the new questions that she chose for her contestants-

1. If you could be stuck at any age for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
I like the age I'm at right now, 29. I'm not in my 30's yet, but I'm not in my early 20's where I really didn't know what I wanted out of life or what direction I was heading into.

2. What county would you never want to live in?
Anywhere where its colder then where I am now, Massachusetts. I wouldn't want to move anywhere where winter takes over longer then it does here. As it is, the warm months don't stick around that long here!

3. What would be the least amount of money you would have to win before you gave some away?
Well that depends. If I had enough to pay off my bills, buy a house and put a little away for a rainy day, I would then start to give some to family (close family, not the scattered extended ones). Would that qualify as giving it away? If giving to a charity of some sort, then maybe after $900,000. Since my needs, then my family needs come first.

4. If you could know for sure when and how you were going to die, would you want to find out?
I guess I would like to know so I could take care of business, have some fun stuff and say goodbye to my loved ones before the deed is done.

5. If you could spend a day with someone who has died, who would it be?
My grandma Dorothy. I never got to say that I loved her or goodbye the day she passed away. She left us in the middle of the night and we didn't even know she was in the hospital until we got the dreaded phone call. I'd love to sit down with her and chat one last time since it'll be 13 years this summer since she passed on.

Well, I hope I did good answering the questions. Also, Melissa from Complimentary Chocolate participated in question/answer tag if you'd like to see her answers.

But if you want play along, here are my questions for you..........
  1. If you could re-live a certain moment in your life, what would it be?
  2. If money was no object, what would you do with your time as a volunteer?
  3. If you could own an exotic animal with no limitations, what would it be and why?
  4. If you could live a day as the opposite sex, what would you do and why?
  5. If you could see into the future, would you?

Thankful Thursday

I've slacked a little on the Thankful Thursdays. Its not that I'm not thankful for things, its just I appreciate the same things in life over and over. I'd feel funny repeating the same list every week. So, I'm going to create a list for this week with a food theme. I usually don't get a chance to state how thankful I am for certain things I eat.
  1. Granola Bars. Its such a quick and simple was to make the hunger pains go away.
  2. Orange Juice (with no pulp). It healthy and so far I have experienced leg cramps twice during the night. Could it be the potassium I consume daily? Maybe!?
  3. Fresh Fruit. Yummy! Yeah, those jars of canned fruit with the syrup are ok, but nothing beats a shiny, juicy red apple.
  4. Lobster/Crab/Shrimp/Scallops. Um, these are all tied and I love the taste of each one equally. I couldn't just list one and leave the others off. It just wouldn't be fair.
  5. Chocolate. I've always loved this one, but now-a-days, its just seems to taste so much better then pre-pregnancy. Its heaven to me.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Zack's a great kid. He's loving, caring and smart. He just has a big hurdle in life he needs to bound over and its his mom. His mother has full influence on him now with him being 10 hours away from us. It doesn't help that we only see him every few months which cuts down on the bonding with his father.

The poor kid is inheriting his mothers phobias and personalities. He doesn't have the best of both worlds, he just has his mother's world. His mother thinks she has full control of Zack and does not include his father in any decisions (medically, socially or for education). Jeff doesn't find things out until she has arranged situations or we receive a bill. The one big example is how she packed Zack up and moved him to VA. We didn't know she was moving him out of state until after the house was bought, school was picked and all the excuses in the world were made up. We only found out as a matter-of-fact type of conversation while Jeff was meeting with Zack's therapist (yeah, a therapist) and his mom.

With Zack being so far away, its hard to get updates. Jeff tries to talk with him weekly, but either she doesn't answer the phone or Zack is distracted during the phone calls by TV, video games, visitors or anything else that could be though of to get in the way of Jeff & Zack talking.

But, what we know of he's still doing good in school. We won't get his report card until the next visit. He likes his Wii he got for Christmas. He's getting back into watching American Idol. He's having lots of fun with friends and staying out of trouble. Other then that, we don't know whats going on with him. I wish we received better updates for the little guy, but we'll take what we can get. We are looking forward to the next visit in Maryland at the end of Feb. Yeah!

Monday, January 26, 2009


We made it to Babies R Us this weekend to register for the baby shower. Wow, was that a lot of work, but it was worth it. I'm still tweaking a few things before it goes live for the invitees for the shower, but we did good.

The women who helped us gave us the ballpark number to reach to reach for the amount of gifts to register for compared to the amount of guests being invited. It seemed impossible at first, but towards the end, we did pretty well.

Some people don't like to register for gifts, but I look it as a guideline for the guests. Yeah, we may have put somethings on there that we said, hey if we get it great, but if not no big deal. Of course there are some items we really hope to get, but we will wait and see.

Besides completing the registry, Jeff and I had a wonderful afternoon chatting about our future son. We chatted about our hopes and dreams for little Drew. Who knows if they will actually come true, but it was lovely to have the afternoon together and compare notes. One expample was we chatted about was if Drew was interested in sports, Jeff listed off which ones he can help him out with since he knows the rules & regs for them, but we also are open to other sports if he wants to try them and we will then learn those for him too.

Also, I asked if we would involve him in Boy Scouts. Jeff said if he wants too, but we will be camping with him so he'll learn a lot that way. I told Jeff, well maybe he wants to see if his father is BSing and wants to get the scoop from the experts. Jeff laughed and said, well I do that all the time, but yeah I know what you mean. You just assume certain things with your partner, but I appreciated it that we got things out in the open and knowing we are on the same page for a lot of things, we are that much closer to becoming a parental until together.

No matter what our little boy gets involved with (as long as its fun, healthy and good intentions involved) we will both be 100% behind him and that's good to know ahead of time.

Friday, January 23, 2009

New Obsession

Jeff has a new its not me. He has always been addicted in some way or another to video games.

Last tax season, we purchased a flat screen (I think a 26incher, nothing huge) TV and a PlayStation 3 for our room. I know, I think back now....big mistake! But, he's happy. He also bought a video game called "Call of Duty" that he was able to play with his brother and friends from work, or even by himself when he wanted. He would sit there for hours (days if I let him) playing this game. He did buy a couple of other games for the PS3, but nothing compared to Call of Duty.

Well, now we welcome Jeff's new video game obsession. Its now a computer game. One that he made fun of countless times to his buddies at work because he thought it was a stupid and childish type of game. He just didn't get it. I would think to myself as he said this, aren't they all?

Anyway, the new game he can't get enough of is World of Warcraft. Its violent, its loud, its addictive and the characters are all fantasy (trolls, gnomes, etc). It started off with a free trial right after Christmas. His friends must have told him to check it out. Well, now he owns the game and three books to help him along his journey. All this stuff isn't cheap either.

I'm glad he has found something that keeps him entertained and out of trouble, but it takes his attention away from reality for hours. On the weekends, he will stay up into the wee hours of the night and play this game. The only good thing is, its on his laptop so he doesn't have to sit in our room to play and I can go to sleep. One of the bad things is its on his laptop. When he plays while in our room, he used our computer desk where my computer is located. But, I don't harass him too much for being in the way since I'm usually in bed early anyway

So, there it is. Jeff's new obsession. World of Warcraft. And yes, I call him a dork all the time!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jeff Called It

Jeff made an observation about his ex, Zack's mom, after the December visit. I agreed with him too, but I'll give him the full credit. To fully understand and get the whole picture, I will share a timeline leading up to the email I received from Zack's mom on Monday.

Thanksgiving Visit-Announced to Zack first, then his mom, that we are expecting a baby at the end of April. She offered to bring Zack up for the Spring visit after the baby was born rather then schedule it before the baby arrives so Zack can see him. We all agreed and thought it was a was great.

Sometime during the week after Thanksgiving-Zack mentions that him and his mom are on their way to his mom's boyfriends house (while Jeff is on the phone with him). This is the first time we have heard that she is involved with someone. Not that it's any of our business, but its good to know who Zack is around.

December Visit-Usually Zack's mom travels with Zack, his grandmother and herself. This time she traveled with Zack, herself and her boyfriend. We asked Zack how the boyfriend was (especially with him) and he said he was alright, but he didn't talk much about him. I never met the guy officially, but I did see him from a-far. As we pulled away from the swap area, Jeff says I bet in 6 months she (Zack's mom) will either be "knocked-up" or engaged. I said yup, something major will happen soon.

Mid-January-We finally convinced Zack's mom to pick a weekend for the Feb visit. It was like pulling teeth, but we got it! Then the following day, I sent her an email confirming the Feb visit, double checked that she will bring Zack up after the baby arrives for the Spring visit, mentioned the Father's Day visit in MD and then gave her the two week shut down in August for Jeff's work. This email was just to list the visits so we can be on the same page.

The Email-"Hi there,I just wanted to let you know of some future events around the planning of our spring visit. Yes, we will be up after you have the baby. Zack's spring break is the week of the 13th, so you will still be pregnant. April 8-20, my co-worker is going on a mission trip and I am expected to be available during that time to cover.
Now this next event, has been in the planning, but to this point nobody is aware(Zack has an idea of the possibility, but not the definite, we are waiting to tell everyone closer to the date, everything is all planned and ready) I didn't want to tell you when we were discussing dates only because we have been trying to keep this under wraps. I am getting married on May 9, 2009, we haven't decided on a honeymoon yet, but are trying to work it out to go somewhere close up there and while Zack is with you.
So with all these things going on around the same time, just let me know what you guys want to do. We can come up while you are still pregnant, but then it wont be until Father's Day weekend that Zack gets to see the baby for the first time, or we can leave it the way it is and wait until you have your little boy.

So there you have it folks, Zack's mom is getting married. That we know of, she hasn't been with this guy more then 6 months. Jeff said that this is her pattern and that's why he made that statement back in December. Hmmm, is there anything else she's going to surprise us with? Why do you think she picked a date so soon? And its odd that she knew when the baby is due and she scheduled it around then (not that she has to plan her life around ours, but its just odd timing).

We didn't even have any real time to check with Zack to see how this guy treats him. Well, for every one's sake, he better treat Zack like a king.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baby Shower Details

My parents are being so kind as to throw Jeff and I a baby shower for baby Drew.

Over the last few weeks, my mom and I have been working on getting things together for the shower. Most things are all set, but I'm sure there will be last minute details we will come across and have to work on, but we will take care of when it does.

We originally ordered packs of fill-in-the-blank invitations from a local craft store around Christmas. They told us that they would arrive in two weeks. So, when the two week mark came I tried to call the store, but didn't get any answers. Mom and I decided to just to go the store and investigate. Come to find out, the invitations did not arrive yet. I couldn't wait! Not with handwritting so many invitations and not knowing when they'd be in. I canceled the order.

Instead, I found these cute invitations online at Tiny Prints. The one I picked is sampled above, but I liked it because of its simplicity. Also, the tiny foot prints matched something else I ordered for the shower. So, it was perfect.

My mom and I went to about 6 locations to scope out areas for the shower. I had one thing I was looking for before we booked a place. I wanted a location that had a limited amount of stairs at the entry for the elderly guests, me and when the gifts are brought to the car.

We found a place that wasn't too rough on the wallet and meet my only requirement. We are going to a local Country Club. The picture above is from their website and shows the back of the building. Our event will be held on the left side, with the big windows. The view was definitely a selling point for us. I hope the day of the shower the weather will be a beautiful early spring day, no snow on the ground, the grass turning green and buds on the trees. Let's wait and see!

I researched cute and unusual favors for our event. I didn't want something that is always used. So, after some time I came across these cute little (5oz) candy jars (below). Also, I was able to pick a sticker to be placed on the jar lid (like the brown B sticker below). I ordered light blue stickers, with white baby foot prints stating Thank You on them. I can't wait until they are put together.

As for the candy to go inside, that took a lot of looking around to find the best bang for our buck. Again, I didn't want the usual candy. So, at first I thought of M&M's (either blue & white or personalized), but no matter where I looked to purchase them, they cost a fortune.

I then found "Its a Boy" Hershey kisses. The kisses are wrapped in blue foil with the paper tail announcing "Its a Boy". They were perfect! We can order less since they are bigger and they look so darn cute! The hardest thing will be, not to eat them all while I put the kisses in the jars.

My SIL and her sister have come up with an awesome dessert. As soon as it was safe to start thinking about a baby shower, I asked my SIL if they could make their yummy dessert for the shower and they agreed.

They have come up with a great variety of filled cupcakes with little candies on the top to tie in the event. The hardest part will be deciding what flavors to have!

So, there you have it. The jist of the shower planning. The shower will take place 3/29 in the morning. My mom wanted a breakfast shower and that's what's happening. I will make sure to share pictures from the event when its time.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weekend Review

The weekend plans were adjusted a little, but it was still a busy one with some relaxation mixed in. On Saturday I called to see if there were any openings for a maternity massage at a local spa, but they were booked. So, while I was on the phone I booked an appointment for a couple of weeks out. Oh, I can't wait for that!

Then I worked on the "kids" room, just cleaning up a little. I wanted to just spruce up the room and sort through some of Zack's stuff, things to box up and put away because he's too big or sort through things in which we can donate. That felt good getting that done.

After lunch I sorted through some paperwork that's been piling up. Just sorting through paid bills, getting things ready for taxes and putting travel and medical expenses in a 2008 folder for Zack's.

On Sunday, some more snow fell (a few more inches) so Jeff and his dad had to do some clean up. So, that cut into our lunch plans, but we were able to still go to the movies. We did see, Paul Blart Mall Cop with Kevin James and it was a cute, funny movie. The only thing was, the real funny parts were on the commercials or previews, but there were still heartwarming and funny parts to it. It was definitely a thumbs up movie.

Then on Monday, mom and I hit the mall. We had to check on the invitations we ordered and of course they weren't in. That order was canceled. We origianally noticed them at a craft store and they didn't have enough on the shelf so we placed an order for more, over 3 weeks ago. I couldn't wait any longer since not knowing when they would come in and then we would still have to hand write all the information on the invitation, I couldn't wait. Then we started to purchase door prizes and worked on some favors and decoration iteas. I'll give more details on the shower soon.

Of course I had some relaxation built into the long weekend too. We watched some episodes of Lost, watched "My Best Friends Girl" with Dane Cook (a very raunchy comedy by the way), watched some of the inaugural events on TV and relaxed with my feet up. I would say that this past weekend was a good one!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Cake, Movies & Mall

I've got a three day weekend coming up, yeah! My grandpa keeps asking me if we have Tuesday off for the inauguration (since in his area, the government is shut down for the day in D.C.), but I keep reminding him that its just until Monday for Martin Luther Kings Bday.

So with that, I am hoping for a busy but a non-stressful weekend.

It'll start off with us attending a birthday party for my BIL this evening, so I can't wait to have cake! Of course see my niece too, which is always a blast.

Then Saturday, there really isn't much planned. I may work on the kids room (Zack & Drew's room) or go through the piles of paperwork or just lay on the couch and do nothing. Also, who knows what could come up in the mean time, but I'm planning on a low key day.

On Sunday, Jeff and I are planning on going out to lunch at our favorite steak house (yummy!) and go to the movies. We are going to see the new Kevin James movie where he is a security guard for a mall and disaster strikes. It should be funny!

Scheduled for Monday, my mom and I are going to the mall. We are going to take care of things for the baby shower my parents are throwing for us. So, that'll be fun. Also, I always get lunch out of the deal too, so that's a bonus!

I hope you have a nice relaxing, warm weekend ahead for you too!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Keeping Baby Safe Class

We were educated last night! Jeff and I signed up for a "Keeping Baby Safe" class given through the hospital we are using for our pregnancy. It was supposed to happen last week, but with our winter weather, it was pushed to this week. No biggie!

It was a 3 hour class, which was tough to sit in those uncomfortable metal chairs for so long, but it was worth it. The room was filled with other pregnant couples and two couples who just had their babies, so it was a good mix.

The class reviewed the typical home safety things you should do when bringing a baby and eventually a toddler in the house. It was mostly common sense, but it got you to think about situations that may occur. There were tips on fire safety, baby proofing the home, burn/drowning/hazard avoidance's, car seat safety and the differences between all those car seats out there for the baby's different stages.

The next part of the class was the main reason we both wanted to attend, baby CPR. I hope we never have to use it, but we know what to do in the event we do. This was a refresher for Jeff since he's been through this class before for Zack. This was my first real time around CPR training. I mean, I know basics to help someone, but I was happy to be there learning the specific techniques. It wasn't an offical CPR certification, but it covered the basics.

While we were there, I found out about another class offered through the hospital I may do some recruiting for!! Its a Grandparents class! It touches base on all the things that have changed since Jeff and my parents had kids. So, my mom is on board (she says its just for me she is doing it and I told no, its for Drew) and now I have to chat with my dad and FIL. My FIL is one of those people that says, "well we did that when you were a kid and you turned out just fine". Since we are living with him and now there will be two babies in the house (because of my SIL) I want him to see the changes rather then just hear them from me. Wish me luck getting him to go!

We start our birthing classes the first week in February. Wow, time is surly flying!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Mermaid Chair

What a great book! It was hard to put this one down. The story flowed and was well written.

They story is about a women, Jessie who's been married for 20 years and their only child is off at college, when she finds out her mother has severely hurt herself "back home" on an island off of the South Carolina Coast.

Jessie who has an estranged relationship with her mother leaves the next morning to try and help her deal with what ever demons still haunt her from her own life, starting back when her husband (Jessie's father) was killed in a boating accident when Jessie and her brother were kids.

The story walks us through Jessie's growing Independence, a little love story with someone unexpected, learning her mothers deep dark secrets and just learning how to cope with life in general.

Its a great book to curl up on the coach, under a warm blanket with a hot cup of coca and enjoy.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Its Time to Check In!

I noticed this on one of my daily reads, A Girl and Her Blog.

Its nice to know those who stop by and read, but don't leave a comment. So, today is the day! Let me know you were here today!


Its cold around here and its just going to get colder. Its to be expected during January in New England. You know the snow is coming, you assume the temperature will be hovering around 30 degrees or lower. Its just common knowledge for living in this area.

What you don't expect is your car heater not to work in your much dependable vehicle on a cold morning where the temperature is around 20 degrees when you climb into it to head off to work. Yup, that happened to me on Friday. Lets just say, my finger tips were numb and my nose was red and my extremities where freezing by the time I got to work. It felt like I was outside, standing in place for about 15 minutes before I decided to come inside.

Let me run you through my Friday morning. I started my vehicle while still in the house (since I have an automatic car starter). The weather outside was cold, but no snow, ice or frost on the vehicle. About 10 minutes passed after I started the vehicle so it was time to head outside. I climbed in my van, got situated and pulled out of the driveway. When I turned off of my street I reached for my heater knob to turn up the heat and there was nothing. No blowing of heat, just the sound of the radio echoing in the vehicle.

I paused for a second and tried again. Nothing. I tried every option there was on the knob from defrost to the floor heat option, but still no warmth. I even tried the AC, but no air flow from my dash board.

So, after much investigation and getting my vehicle to a local garage to be looked at, it appeared a fuse or relay inside the blower motor has been shot and needs to be replaced. Of course the part isn't due to come in until today, but at least the mechanic has an idea what could be the problem.

I returned my vehicle to the garage this morning, in hopes to pick up the van this afternoon with some heat! At least the heat issue didn't show up during our winter mix/ice storm last week or the below zero temps for later on this week!

Friday, January 9, 2009

What's Next?

The other day I was in the place where my deepest thinking occurs (in the shower) and was reviewing all of my accomplishments so far in my life. I've traveled, studied, got married, working on my own family, have a decent job, have a great relationship with my extended family and just feel good at where I'm at being 29 years old.

My very next thought was what will the next 10 years bring? What will I hope to accomplish or what will I like to experience in my 30's?

I tried to come up with a top 10 list of goals/hopes for my next decade, but I couldn't really come up with a complete list. I was wondering, is it because I've done and seen so much I don't need to see or do a list of things to be happy? Maybe I've been there, done that and now I am just waiting to see what the moments life present rather then yearning to do something. Maybe I'm just that content with my life? That's good right?!

I'll start a list for now. I have a little over 5 months until I hit the big 3-0 and maybe I'll come up with a complete list. Until then, here are my goals, potential accomplishments or just something to think about doing when I'm in my thirty's.
  1. Pay off my debt
  2. Go on a cruise (maybe around Ireland or Europe)
  3. Raise a wonderful little boy
  4. Continue having a wonderful marriage
  5. Hit the lottery (you never know)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Drew Is The Man

I had my 24 week (6 month) check-up yesterday. I braved our winter mix storm (which mainly produced ice) to head to the hospital for my appointment. I made it just fine to the hospital since the office moved my apt up in the day so I didn't have to deal with all the nuts on the road during the original time. So, I took my time and made it even early to the office.

I've gained 17 pounds so far. I'm sure that will drastically change soon. All of my other stats are good too. While the doctor was measuring my belly, he had asked if we had picked out a name yet. I shared with him in my most proud mommy voice, yes Drew Thomas. Dr F studied my face and in a very approving voice said that the name is a very good choice.

Then it was time to find Drew's heartbeat. Last time we were there, Drew was moving around so much it was hard to get a long period of time for the Doc to listen. This time, after finding the right spot on my belly, a very strong and loud heart beat filled the room.

As we were finishing up the apt with questions and answers, Dr F announces that Drew is the man and everything is looking great. Yeah!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Are you scared?

The other day, I was talking with a family friend about the upcoming baby shower. I was telling her that everything is coming together, where its going to be held and other details. She then asked, are you getting scared? I took a moment, tilted my head, let out a little sigh and said no, I'm not.

Honestly, I'm more excited then anything. Yeah, I feel a little worried that I won't know what to do in certain situations, or if I'm doing something right, but that's all normal. But, I'm not scarred. That emotion never entered my mind until she brought it up.

I know in a handful of months I will be exhausted, run down, maybe a little on the cranky side, but I will still be excited to have my child in my arms. I've been waiting for that moment for sometime now, and its getting closer. I can't wait!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Vampire Stories from NE

I know, its not a holiday season type of book, but it was next in the pile to be read. I bought it sometime ago and actually forgot that I hadn't read it yet.

This book is compiled with short stories about, well, vampires in the New England area. Some of the stories were gripping and when the story ended I felt like it could have gone on and on since it was so well written.

Others, I have to be honest, I skipped since it was hard to follow. Those stories seemed to be written, not in our modern writing style. So, it was hard for me to go from one to the other in the same book. If it was one style all together, it would have been easier for me.

But, I love to read about this subject, no matter if its one story or short stories.

So, if you are interested I'd recommend it but just be aware there may be some stories that may be hard to follow. Just skip 'em like I did! Don't let those stories ruin it for the intriguing ones.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Mom & Dad Coffee Wars

Its a standing joke around here, that we tease my mom we've brewed her Starbucks coffee without her knowing it rather then the usual brand we have on hand. We've never done this, but we like to keep her on her toes. My mom drinks coffee 24/7 let me tell you and this is why we always have a fresh pot of coffee waiting for her when she arrives.

My mom cannot stand the taste of Starbucks coffee. She says its too oily (what ever that means since I don't drink the stuff, I have no idea what she's talking about). So, for the longest time if we were to buy her or my dad coffee as a gift, it would be Dunkin Donuts pound bags.

Recently, my dad was away for business and decided to see for himself what the big deal about the Starbucks coffee really is. Well, let me just tell you every morning before his business meetings would start for that week, he was down in the lobby sipping on his Starbucks coffee. He likes the stuff and whenever he gets a chance, he's at a local cafe ordering a Grande Breakfast Blend.

Now I was in a dilemma for the household gift to my parents from us this past Christmas. I felt torn. I didn't want to cater towards one parent with DD ground coffee or Starbucks. So, while out Christmas shopping at Target, I walked by their coffee isle and guess what I came up with? I bought one pound of the Starbucks Breakfast Blend and one pound of regular DD coffee......perfect!

On Christmas day, I handed my parents their gift bag. My mom starts to open the bag while standing in the middle of the room (near our coffee table) with my dad sitting on the coach near by. She pulls out the Dunkin Donuts bag and starts to do the 5-year old look what I got, naa, naa, naa dance. She even stuck out her tongue and wrinkled her nose at him.

While my mom is parading around with the one bag of coffee without looking into the bag to see what else was inside, I'm thinking oh my goodness. I nonchalantly mentioned to her to see what else is in the bag. She immediately puts the DD bag on the coffee table, ribs out the tissue paper, notices what else is in the bag and her shoulders just slump. She looked like one of those inflatable lawn decorations that had lost its air when she saw the bag of Starbucks coffee starring back at her.

It was the funniest thing to see my mom teasing my dad, find out that I was fair at the gift giving and then watch her back peddle while my dad sat on the coach with a smirk on his face. A priceless Christmas moment!