Monday, August 31, 2009

Oobi Love

Over the past few weeks, Drew, myself and my mom have gotten into our own routine in the mornings.

Drew will wake up around 6am. He'll call out in his own little way letting me know he's awake. I go in, say good morning and he flashes a big smile. Then we get him changed and ready for the day.

When he wakes up, he's not hungry right away, so he sits in his bouncy chair and yes I put him in front of the TV. I'm not proud to say I do it, but it entertains him while I get things ready for his day. The first show he watches (because of his father) is Sports Center. He'll watch that until 6:30am. Somewhere around this time, Grammie arrives. Then we turn on the Noggin channel at 6:30am and Oobi is on.

Drew loves Oobi. He'll sit there, almost in silence watching this simple but fun show of a family made out of a persons hand with plastic eye's attached to the top. Its amazing how dazed he is while he watches it. Then Grammie feeds him while I get ready for work.

Well, this morning the Noggin channel through us all for a loop. Oobi was not on!! A different show was on! Drew wasn't happy which in turn we weren't happy. Oh, I hope its just a temporary change in schedule since Drew loves that show so much!! Yikes!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Timeline Thursday

Watching his morning shows 8/21/2009

Laying on the couch with daddy 8/22/2009

Just Drew on the couch 8/23/2009

Come on mom! 8/24/2009

Huggin Daddy 8/25/2009

What the heck..... 8/26/2009

I see you mommy 8/27/2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Phew! It was a success!!

The other day, I dropped Drew off at "school". It was tough seeing my little boy being handed over to someone I just met. Grammie was with me, since she had to approve of the situation. As we both drove off that morning, we sat in near silence thinking about what just happened. When I dropped her off at her building on campus, she was emotional and so was I.

I called at lunch to check in on the little guy. Miss Stephanie said he was doing great and reported back to me what he ate, his nap schedule and how he was playing. Its sounded really positive and eased my anxiety tremendously. I was so worried he would fuss the whole time and make it miserable for everyone, but my worries were turned to a positive sigh of relief after I spoke to his "teacher".

When Grammie and myself picked little Drew up at the end of the day, he was in a bouncy stationary toy having a blast. His little toes were pushing hard to make the toy bounce since he was just tall enough to touch the floor. When I saw him I said "Hi sweat heart!" and he glanced in my direction, then went right back to the toy. Yeah, I should have felt a little sad that he wanted to play with the toy more then see me, but it was such a positive situation to see him enjoying himself that way. Phew!! It appeared to have been a successful day and after receiving his feedback of the day, it definitely was!

Also, that night when he got home, he was exhausted! He still didn't sleep through the night, but it was very easy getting him to go to bed (not that it usually is, its just sometimes it takes a little longer). So, this is a great thing! He gets to play with new toys, socialize and be in a energizing environment when he isn't with Grammie.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So Adorable!

Look at those faces! Aren't they the cutest together? These are the brother portraits we had done when Zack was in MA visiting us. They were done at Target and I think they did a pretty good job!

Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School

Well, not really. Today is Drew's first day of Day Care. We just call it school so he gets used to hearing that word, already.

Drew will start his part time journey going to a day care facility today. He will go Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. My mom will still watch him the other days. This will give the little guy socialization and many other opportunities that can't happen here at home. It will also give my mom a break since Mr. Drew will start to move very soon much more then what he currently does, so it gives her a little time for recovery while still being able to watch him.

The day care seems like a perfect fit, so I'm excited to see what happens. Its owned by a women who used to run an at-home day care and decided to expand. Its a small, intimate facility actually made out of the small towns old post office. The day care is located close to my work so if there is any need to go pick up Drew, I am less them 5 minutes away. Everything about this place just made sense.

Wish the little guy luck on his first day!! I know I will be anxious all day to hear how he did!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Am I Crazy?

Ok, don't answer so quickly now! Let me get my story out first, then you can call me crazy!!

I'm already thinking of the big C word, yup Christmas! I am starting to plan presents, visits, what goodies will I make, what we will eat for dinner and what kind of cards to send out. The main focus at this very moment is what type of card to send out?!

I don't know if I should send a picture card with Drew & Zack on it or a traditional card with a pre-made holiday picture on it. I don't know, I'm stuck on this one. If I go with the traditional card, I will have our names printed already on them (since I send out so many) and if I get the the picture one, it too will be already printed. I just don't know!

Also, if I go with a picture, what pose do I use? The ones from the brother's portrait that we got last week or a candid photo of the two of them that I can take during the next visit. Oh, the dilemma I'm in! Oh, to think ahead so far can really drive me crazy. But, if I wait too long that would just send me over the edge! Ho, hum. I guess I could have a bigger problem on my hands other then what kind of card to order, right!!??!!

Ok, now you can say it out loud, I'm crazy!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Timeline Thursday

Lookin this good is exhausting 8/14/2009

Visiting his Auntie in the hospital 8/15/2009

Playing Outside 8/16/2009
Zoned Out 8/17/2009

Happy in the morning 8/18/2009

Movin in his sleep 8/19/2009

Father & Son 8/20/2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our Little Helper

Drew has started to "help" his mommy & daddy.

He wants to try and hold his bottle while eating. At times he just places his hands on both sides of the bottle ever so gently, kind of practicing for independent eating. Other times, he pushes really hard with one hand down on the top of the bottle that mommy or daddy have to push really hard up to counter act his resistance to keep the bottle in his mouth. Sometimes, we just let him try and figure out the whole keeping the bottle in his mouth thing. Its too cute!!

He sits himself up nice and straight when he feels its time. He doesn't want to put any strain on his parents for this, so he just randomly shoots straight up while resting so quietly. If he's on your lap, leaning back against your chest, he'll just decided he wants to sit straighter and he does it often! He's working on his six-pack abs that way!! He tries to do the same thing while sitting on the couch without mommy or daddy holding him, but the poor guy just flops over (laughing at the same time might I add).

When he doesn't like something you are wearing, he would let us know it ain't workin. He just burps with spit up all over your clothes so you have to change before going to work. I keep telling him it would make things much easier if he would just tell us it doesn't look right rather then playing the spit up game. I think he likes his way much better!

I can imagine what that little guy will think of next to help his parents out!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Melts My Heart

Since Drew was born, during feeding time I would give him lots of lovin. I would kiss his forehead, kiss his little fingers while he tries to hold the bottle, I would rest my check on his forehead, I would hold his feet, anything to shower him with love while he was eats.

Just recently, Drew now searches to touch my face while he eats. Oh, its just melts my heart. He goes back and forth from holding his bottle to rubbing my face. Yeah, its a little hard since he doesn't really know the difference yet for his hand controls, but sometime he rests his little fingers on my cheek and its just an amazing feeling.

Jeff witnessed it last night and just smiled with love since he knows the feeling. Jeff started to put his face where Drew can reach while they are playing and those little fingers explore his daddy's face. Jeff mentioned that its the weirdest and coolest feeling all wrapped into one. I agree, but I wouldn't call it weird, I'd call it Drew showing us lovin.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Yeah or Neah

We finally were able to start moving into our new room this weekend. But there were a few things we needed to add to the room too.

I was out shopping on Saturday at the mall for Drew at Babies R Us and decided to take a stroll through Target for curtains. We were looking for a couple of weeks to find the type we wanted, but hadn't checked there yet. We looked for semi-light blocking curtains to block out the street light that is right outside our window, inexpensive (I can't sew, so that was out of the question) and dark blue to off set our new wall color. That was a challenge!!

At Target I came across a single panel, tie up curtain that wasn't as expensive compared to buying two panels for each window (we have three windows in the room.....caching!), thick material and the right color!

They are definitely a different type of curtain that I have to used to it. I had set up one window to see how it would look and see if it would work for our needs. Well, it blocked the street light, cut down the morning light and weren't too expensive. I'm starting to like them more and more, but I still have a feeling I should return them. But, I'll give them a chance.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Coming To An End

Today is the last day of our two week vacation. Yeah, we have the weekend, but this is the last weekday of being off for two weeks. Its going to be tough going back to work on Monday, but my motivation is the next long weekend coming up for Labor Day.

Plans for today are-

Jeff, Zack, Ally and Jeff's brother are out geo-caching. We used to do this several years ago and loved it! Drew can't go since we can't spray him with sunscreen or bug spray, so him and I stayed home.

Myself, my FIL and Drew went to my SIL's house to get the last minute baby things together for her. We put the batteries into the electric devices and set up the complicated baby monitor. Later on this afternoon we will go visit her (the poor little guy has been in ICU for the past couple of days, they are running tests on him to see why he wasn't eating, but everything has come back negative, so that's good).

Then this weekend, we have Zack until Sunday. We don't know for sure what we will do tomorrow, but on Sunday we will start moving into our new room! Yeah!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Timeline Thursday

Out on the town 8/7/2009

Some crazy hair 8/8/2009

Getting ready to travel again 8/9/2009

Rollin over 8/10/2009

My first pair of crocks 8/11/2009

Stop taking my picture!! 8/12/2009

Brothers watching Dora the Explorer 8/13/2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'd Like You To Meet Someone

Jayden Joseph
arrived 8/12/2009 at 1:19am
he weights 6lbs 8 ozs
he is 19 inches long
My SIL had a long and rough delivery since Monday evening. She hadn't progressed far enough since the start of her induction and Jayden's heart rate dropped a couple of times since Monday, so they decided early this morning that she would have a c section. Both baby and mommy (and daddy too) are doing great!

All of us went to see little Jayden (after very little rest for myself and FIL) for a visit. Mr. Jayden is so light compared to Mr. Drew, its too funny! When you hold Jayden, he feels like a feather weight rather then a bruiser. Tonight we go back while my niece is there so we get to see the whole clan together while Zack is visiting!

We told Zack there is a weird pattern developing that every time he visits to MA, a baby is born! Who will be next?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Its Wait Time!

The time has arrived for my SIL Jenn to welcome her little boy into this crazy world. She went to the hospital last night to start her induction process and this morning around 7:30am they were scheduled to start her on the magic drip to help her with the contraction process.

I hope to share some wonderful news tomorrow about my nephew gracing us with his presence!!

Its a wonderful thing too, since being an only child I never knew if I would have nieces or nephews, and look at that! I have a beautiful niece Ally and soon to have a itty bitty nephew! Life is great! Not to mention I have a wonderful little boy myself and a great step-son!

Monday, August 10, 2009

We Came Back

We had a busy, active, relaxing and hectic type of vacation in Virginia. Drew traveled wonderfully on our way south. We stopped overnight a little more then half way and then continued to our destination the following day. Zack arrived at our hotel that afternoon and it was non-stop ever since.

We all loved the indoor pool we had at the hotel. Everyday we visited that thing. Drew loved it much more then his first pool experience back in June since the water was so much warmer. Zack would swim around between all of us underwater and Drew would just look around while being hel in the pool. Later on in the week we bought a floaty where he could sit in and was dragged around the pool. It was too cute.

Oh, and Drew has started to roll over while we were away. He rolled over about 5 times during the week, so watch out now!!

The boys (Jeff and Zack) went to play golf at a local par 3. Yeah, Zack beat Jeff by 4 shots but in defense for Jeff, it was his first time out this season. Later on in the week they also went mini-golfing. While the boys played golf, Drew and I went shopping. It was a great compromise.

The kids in the pool
We explored a local zoo called the Mill Mountain Zoo. Its a smaller zoo, but its set up on a mountain in Roanoke and its so beautiful and serene. The views off the mountain are breathtaking and the variety of animals was great.
A bird at the zoo

We visited a local kids museum too. In an advertisement it stated its the oldest museum in the country (I'd agree with that since the displays were a little outdated) but it was a great, fun educational place. Zack had a great time playing with all the scientific displays, including the one that sounded like a fart (oh, to be 11 years old again).

Zack hula-hooping at the museum

The hectic part of the whole week was poor little Drew was not feeling well. We took care of him of course, but it was nerve racking being so far away from his regular doctors office for a consult. I did call the nurse to chat and we were doing everything correct. We told Drew that he's on vacation, he's not suppost to be sick. But, the little guy is doing much better.
Drew and Great-Grandpa Guy

As we headed North, we stopped by Grandpa's house for a weekend visit. It was so fun to see Drew with Grandpa. We had a great time visiting with all the family in that area too. Drew is such a big ham when it comes to people coming up to him to say hi.
Last night after we got in, unpacked the car, got Drew situated (Zack was with his mother since she brings him to MA for the second half of our vacation, he'll come later today) we noticed something my FIL did for use while we were away. He painted our new room! The paint and supplies were there when we left, waiting for us to return to paint and he did it for us while we were gone. We were so surprised! He also washed and waxed the floor. What a guy! Now we can start to move upstairs sooner....yeah!