Monday, March 30, 2009

Drew's Shower, Part 1

Yesterday was the big day, Drew's Shower. The weather didn't corporate like we had hoped, it was rainy and chilly, but it was still a great day.

I have more pictures to come, but I was lucky enough to have two people taking pictures during the day, my mom and my SIL Sarah, so I have the pictures to share that Sarah took while I was opening gifts, while my mom burns a CD for me of the other images. I'll share those when I receive them! But for now, I'll share details about the day and share a few photo's at the same time.

My mom and I got there early to set up and so did my SIL and her sister who made the wonderful cupcakes for dessert. They were homemade and looked so professional. Everyone raved about the cupcakes and how delicious they were. There were 3 different flavors to chose from; lemon cake with lemon filling, black forest (choc cake with cherry middle) and spice cake with apple caramel filling and on top of each one, there was a candy piece indicating which one was which according to a chart. I was able to sneak one (the spice cake one) and they were to die for. They were moist and yummy! Those girls rock for what they did for the shower! I really appreciated it too.

Homemade Quilt from my Grandma with little froggies on it
There were so many people there (with a huge family, its to be expected though). Yeah, there were a handful who RSVP'd who didn't show up, but it just allowed more food for the ones who did attend. The food was a lovely spread of breakfast items (thanks mom & dad) and it was delicious.

Auntie Tammie handing out a raffel gift with Auntie Tracy calling out the numbers in the background
We did raffles to break up the gift opening part of the shower. Two of my aunts helped out with the raffles and the gift openings. It was much appreciated. We did the raffles instead of the normal shower games. We stole the idea from my cousins baby shower that took place last summer.
We received lots of presents for the baby along with many diapers (that was one of the raffles, bring diapers and get a chance to win a gift certificate to a local restaurant). We received lots of cute outfits ranging from Newborn to 12 months, all kinds of gadgets and gizmo's to help with the baby and so many things I can't think of right now to list. We do have to go get a few things we'd like, but not many. Yeah!

Clothes line of baby close ranging from 3 months to 12 months for Drew
It was such a lovely time. The morning just flew by. It was so nice to see all my friends and family together for the event. Someone had asked me if I was nervous (about the shower) and my reply was nope. Its all friends and family here, no need to be nervous. I did tell her I was excited, no nervous energy there.

After we got everything home we took a little rest and then Jeff and I dove right in with sorting everything out (my FIL helped too). We sorted everything out by location in the house and the next step is to put it all away. That'll be fun though, I can't wait.


Cherish said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time...squeee, Im excited just reading about it!

Melissa said...

Sounds lovely, glad you got a lot of things! Can't wait for the rest of the photos..