Friday, March 27, 2009

Stranger Encounters

This past week I've experienced the random conversations with strangers about my growing belly. It could be that it started this late with winter clothing coming off and a pregnancy belly is now revealed to the world more often then before.

I didn't have any unknown person touch my belly (yet) and it could be because of my body language as I walk through the stores, but so far so good.

The first time was a nice women who approached me in CVS while I was there with my FIL. I noticed she looked at my belly and then asked me when my baby was due. I explained the end of April and that opened the flood gates for our conversation. We chatted about her grand baby that was due in July, the showers, how excited we were and so on. As we broke free of each other we both wished each other good luck. I turned to my FIL who was standing within an arm's length away and he asked me who that was. I shrugged my shoulders and said, I have no idea.

The second time this week, an encounter occurred at Walmart. I was walking in to return a shirt (that was too small in the belly area) and the women who was the greeter asked me right away when my baby was due. We chatted for awhile and she almost forgot to give me my sticker for my return.

I don't mind talking about my little boy, but the hard part is to remain cheerful and happy when you're tired. My focus was to go into these stores, do what I have to do and then leave. Now I have to factor in random conversations with strangers. I just feel lucky it didn't start until recently.

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Cherish said...

Another one of those little pregnancy annoyances that you dont really anticipate. I can remember having to smile almost constantly as one stranger after another mentioned my belly while in stores. Just think about what it'll be like when you have the little man with you!! You'll have to send Jeff to the stores or otherwise you'd never get anything done!

Good luck girlie..