Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday

  1. Maternity Clothes. I wish there could be a better selection of PJ's, but other then that, I'm very grateful for clothes for this special time that fit me.
  2. Cheaper gas. I know the gas may change by a few pennies here and there, but at least its staying under $2. What a relief!
  3. A nice cup of tea. I know that these days the tea is decaf, but its so nice to sip on a warm cup of tea on these cold mornings!
  4. Our DVR. Its great when you can't set time aside on the nights your favorite shows are on and this little handy machine records them for you and you can watch the shows at your leisure.
  5. Helpful suggestions. I know every one's opinions and experiences are different, but I really appreciate the helpful suggestions with baby Drew on the way!

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