Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!

Drew dressed up for Day Care as a scary skeleton. I think he's the cutest skeleton I've ever seen!

He decided to check out what was in the candy bowl before giving it out to the trick-or-treaters.

Drew as the great pumpkin! We went for a stroll in the neighborhood to say hi and "practice" trick-or-treating for next year.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Humming a New Tune

You know you are a parent to a young child when new lyrics dance in your head throughout the day that sound something like this-

The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round......

Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets, We're on our way, to help a friend and save the day.......

The itsy, bitsy spider went up the water spout, down came the rain and washed the spider out.....

The only bad part is, a handful of the songs that were sung to me as a child, I have forgotten some of the words. So, for now Drew gets the short version of some of the child hood favorites until I get around to polishing up on my nursery rhymes.....some day!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Timeline Thursday

First wagon ride 10/23/2009

I love to play10/24/2009

We ran out of diapers (just kidding) 10/25/2009

Checking out the neighborhood 10/26/2009

Nothing like reading a good book 10/27/2009

I love to jump, jump, jump 10/28/2009

Getting ready for bed 10/29/2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Its my 500th post!

I can't believe it how committed I've been to share my world. I love to share my stories and experiences. I am very thankful to have a family to be able to write about on a daily basis. I feel very blessed.


I would like to have a little contest to celebrate my achievement!

The rules:

Leave a comment about what you are thankful for in your life.

The contest will be open for comments until Weds 11/4 at noon.

After, a name/comment will be chosen at random and posted for bragging rights.

The Reward:

I'm not sure what it will be exactly, but it will be related to the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday to enjoy.

Good luck!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Memory Lane

The other day, I was ordering photos that were taken in the month of June. I am SO behind at ordering photo's for my albums, but everyone else is taken care of. I am on top of things when it comes to downloading, uploading, moving pics to websites and printing them for relatives who are out of state.

But, for my album....don't ask. But with looking back at "old" photo's, it bring so many memories when I look at Drew. He has changed so much in the past 6 months. Its obvious when you think of his developments and achievements as a person, but to actually see the changes, its amazing.

I walked down memory lane the other day, and I welcome you to see the changes in my little guy along with me. Of course the photo's I selected are just a sample since I have thousands of photo's of Drew that I pick and chose to share, print and brag about to the world.

April 2009 - Drew, not even 24hrs old with Grandpa

May 2009 - Drew exactly 1 month old

June 2009 - Drew fast asleep in his favorite chair

July 2009 - Drew exploring his toys for the first time with Daddy

August 2009 - Drew wearing Jeans for the first time with Grammie

September 2009 - Mommy stealing a kiss from her little man

October 2009 - Drew learning how to clap his hands with Grandpy

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Weekend

We had a nice relaxing fall weekend that just passed us by. Most of our leaves have fallen in our yard and I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to let Drew play in a pile before it was too late.

A nice big fluffy pile of leaves was made for the little guy to sit in the middle. He was plopped down right in the middle and really didn't know what to do. He just sat there looking all around with the look on his face, now what? But, I started to play with the leaves and he followed suit. When he leaned backwards and fell into this huge crunching piles of leaves, he didn't like that so much. He didn't mind sitting in the pile, just don't lay him down in it. The one good thing, he didn't put any leaves in his mouth. He just delicately touched them while they were around him.

Then, it was time to break out his wagon he got at his baby shower. We hadn't used it yet, but this past weekend felt like a great opportunity to try it out. I made him very comfy (since I don't trust his sitting ability's while going over sidewalk bumps yet) with a nice fluffy pillow and a warm blanket underneath him. He enjoyed being pulled around the neighborhood while he looked around with the wind blowing in his hair.

The best part, besides seeing his happy, smiley face over the weekend, was the cuddly opportunity we had on the raining Saturday we had. It was nap time for Drew and he fell asleep while drinking his bottle, sitting on me. So I positioned myself so I could snooze and cuddle with my little boy while we both napped away the afternoon.

Friday, October 23, 2009

You Are My Sunshine

Drew comes from a long line of artists. His Grammie dabbles in painting, photography, film making and what ever else she can get her hands on.

I like to do my share of arts & crafts (not so much these days, but in my time before the munchkin). And takes lots of photos (I don't know if you go that already).

His daddy & grandpy like to assemble and paint model cars. The models after real fast cars.

So, its just right that he loved painting for the first time at "school" a few weeks ago. I love it that his teacher was able to capture a few photo's for us to document this adventure.

At first, he was a little timid. This stuff is all new to him. He didn't know if he should play or not with this wet, cold stuff.

But after some time, watch out. Paint was everywhere!! It was all over him (hands, fingernails, face and hair), his smock and tray. He had a blast and I didn't mind one bit that he was a little dirtier that day when I picked him up.

Drew made his first sunshine! Its hanging on our fridge at home, right in the middle so everyone can see his first work of art.
In the mean time, he made a pumpkin at school and loved making a mess (I mean painting) just like he did when he made his sunshine. He even curled the stem to make it all his. I asked the teacher if it was because he was trying to eat the paper? She said no, he was just amazed at how the paper crinkled and made funny noises when he played with it.
I'm so proud of my little artist! I can't wait to see what he'll make next!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Timeline Thursday

I don't want to talk about my new hair cut 10/16/2009
The great pumpkin 10/17/2009

Snoozing with mommy (caught by daddy) 10/18/2009

Grocery shopping 101 10/19/2009

Daddy keeps tickling me 10/20/2009

Its a happy day 10/21/2009

Little boy blue 10/22/2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

In Search for the Great Pumpkin

This weekend, it was all about pumpkins.

Friday night we tried on Drew's Halloween costume (he's going to be a skeleton for day care though) and he was so cute. So, cute I was laughing so hard I cried. I couldn't take a steady photo either, so Jeff had to help out in the photo department. We didn't try on the pants, but the we tried the top two pieces. His pumpkin hat didn't phase him one bit and its a good thing since there is no strap to keep it on.

On Saturday, our family and Jeff's brothers family, sisters family and father all went for a day trip through Vermont. We drove North on the highway until our first denotation, breakfast. After we ate, we took the back roads South.

We try and do this trip yearly and hit the same spots while we drove South on the back roads. So, this past Saturday was nothing out of the ordinary for us. We had hot apple cider with cider donuts, went to Basketville, outlets, a yummy little chocolate shop , lunch, a side stand pumpkin patch and then Yankee Candle.

Drew checking out the area

During the entire trip, the main focus was pumpkins. I couldn't wait to get a pumpkin for my little pumpkin. I was so excited we stopped at our usual spot and the pumpkins were all spread out so we can capture some cute photo's.

Ally relaxing in the pumpkin patch

Jayden hiding out in the wagon filled with pumpkins

Drew's pumpkin

Jeff chose the perfect pumpkin for Drew's first Halloween.

Friday, October 16, 2009

6 months and counting

Today marks Drew's 6 month birthday. That little boy has come a long way since he was born.

He is eating cereal with a spoon and now can have fruit mixed in. He's rolling over (still one-way) like a pro but is working on rolling back the other way. Once he's on his belly, he can rotate in a circle.

Drew laughs, giggles, screeches and babbles all the time. He grabs his feet and tries with all his might to get that big toe into his mouth while he is on his back. He loves to grab one of his feet, while he's sitting up, with both hands and watch his big to wiggle. It is just too funny to watch him learn about himself.

He can sit up for a good length of time, but occasionally he still flops over to the side or for some reason pushes himself backwards so he lands on his back (either on the person behind him or the pillow supporting him). But, each day he sits up longer then the previous day. Soon, he'll be sitting up like he's been doing it all of his life.

Drew loves to people watch. He enjoys sitting up in his stroller while we walk around and he takes in the environment around him. But, don't stand still for too long or he'll get board and want to explore further. He'll let you know when he's board at what he's looking at.

This morning we had snow flurries, his first snow fall. We were walking out of the house so he can go to school and he kept looking at the sky and watching the snow flakes fall. It was adorable to watch.

The only bad thing for today, he has an appointment for this afternoon for his flu shot. I know its going to stink for him, especially on his birthday, but I've been waiting for him to turn 6 months so he can be protected.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Timeline Thursday

Playing at the hotel 10/9/2009

Sitting up in a restaurant high chair 10/10/2009

Playing outside at Grandpa's 10/11/2009

Ready, set hike! 10/12/2009

Cozy at home 10/13/2009

Yeah, yeah, yeah Grammie 10/14/2009

Heading to school 10/15/2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall Visit

We had a great visit this past weekend with Zack. Drew got to show his big brother all of his new tricks (rolling over, spinning on his belly, sitting up with less support and babbling much more then when they saw each other in August).

We didn't get to go apple picking this time, since our plans had changed from a couple of weeks ago. We just couldn't find the time between people watching at the mall, buying things for the kids, enjoying Grandpa's company and visiting with family.

The weather was beautiful. It was a little cool in the mornings, but then it warmed up quite nice during the day. Before we left for the weekend, the forecast didn't look to appealing, but we were nicely surprised each day how sunny it turned out to be.

Zack definitely is growing up. You can see the facial changes in him from what used to be a little boy to young adult, its a little frightening to say I have a young man as a step-son. Also, that cell phone he got a few months back goes everywhere with him. He texts, call his friends takes pictures and makes video's of his brother when ever he can. Its too cute how many video's he did take of Drew. He recorded everything from hiccups, to him staring off into space, to rolling over and playing with his toes. It's so great to see Zack so amazed by his little brother. Its a wonderful feeling to know how much love there is between the two boys with so many miles between them. Drew just lights up when ever he sees Zack.

The only down side of the entire trip was that the little guy developed a cold. It caused long nights for me and Jeff (Zack slept through it all in the hotel) and then we had to manage enough energy to still be social and have fun with everyone. But, we managed and made the best of our long weekend.

The next time we see Zack will be for Thanksgiving in Maryland. I can't wait to see him and I'm sure he can't wait to see Drew (I mean us).

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rollin, Rollin, Rollin

Before too much time has passed, I want to share that little Drew is now a pro at rolling over to his right side. I'm sure it won't be long before he can roll on his left side to his belly.

Drew has also aced moving around in a circle while he's on his belly to look for his toys and check out what's going on around him.

The first time he showed us his new trick was last Tuesdays night on the kitchen table. Drew and I had returned from shopping and his Grandpy came outside to get him out of the car. Grandpy put him on the table while I brought things into the house. At one point, I put one of Drew's toys on the table and he decided to roll over and get it. And ever since that, you can't stop the kid from doing it when he's on his back. Its awesome!!