Thursday, March 12, 2009

What a Sweetheart

Yeah, I'm talking about my husband. Yeah, at times he can be a pain, not listen, play those stupid video games and just not get what I try to tell him.

But, when he does little things to show that he cares or loves me, it just erases all the petty things.

The other day, I received a text message from him while I was at work. It put a huge smile on my face when I read it. He mentioned he doesn't say it enough and its way over-due but pregnancy agrees with me, that I have that glow that everyone talks about and it looks great on me. He also said that I am doing a great job taking care of our child and he is proud of me.

It just blew me away. I didn't respond with my usual saying of, OK what do you want. But I wrote him back that I think we will make a great team raising our child and that he was the best. Then his smart-ass response back was yeah I know. So, we were back to our "normal" harassing each other moods at that point, but, I just thought it was so sweet to get a random text from Jeff saying stuff like that.

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Melissa said...


How sweet and romantic of him to do! You got a good man there!! :)