Friday, May 29, 2009


Its Friday!

Its almost my last day off for my maternity leave (it has been extended by one day with the Memorial Day holiday, yeah).

Grammie, Drew and I are going on an adventure.

We are going on a road trip. Its not Drew's first, but it will be his first to this location.

We are heading to Cape Cod for the day!

Every year, my mom and I pick a Massachusetts town to discover, walk around and enjoy in the spring. We say its our mother's day treat (this year for the both of us).

So, this year we chose a town in Cape Cod. We haven't decided which one we will go to, since there is so many to chose from. We decided to just drive and see what catches our eye. I know for sure it will be one near the beginning of the cape's "arm", but to be exact, we'll have to wait and see.

I can't wait to see where we end up and I'm sure I'll have photos and stories to tell soon!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Timeline Thursday

"Hi Mommy" 5/22/2009

Happy little guy in his chair 5/23/2009

On mommy's swing 5/24/2009

Drew & Daddy 5/25/2009

Drew's swing, outside 5/26/2009

Heavy Dreaming 5/27/2009

Relaxing on the boppy 5/28

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Special Club

Since becoming a mommy, it feels like I'm in a special members only club. It never dawned on me until I actually added "mommy" to my name.

I feel specially bonded to other mothers who have been in my position and those who are newer at this whole mommy thing then I am.

I can't believe I've been a mom for almost 6 weeks (on Thursday, it'll be 6 weeks) and it feels like I've learned and experienced years of knowledge. I know there is so much more to learn too!

When I'm out and about, I have a brief connection with other women (strangers) who walk by us who are mothers. They look at the carriage with Drew all nestled inside, then they look at me with a smile on their face with acknowledgement, almost like we are in a special club for mommy's. I smile back with the same passion and tenderness that these women briefly show to me. Its the neatest, weirdest and amazing thing that happens between two mothers, without saying a word. We just know what it feels like and what each other is going through.

I wouldn't trade in my membership for the world!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Oh, How I Enjoyed It

So, many things I could have enjoyed over the weekend. Of course there where, but the one thing that I was able to do this weekend that I haven't gotten a chance to do over the past couple of months, was something I've been really looking forward to do.

The thing isn't what you expect, since I'm a little weird.

I love to do it, when most people hate it.

I kicked everyone out of the house, so I could be alone while I did it.

Oh, it was great!!

I got to do a little late spring cleaning!!

I know, I know. I may be a little warped, but I love to clean my house.....well, the area's I have control over (since we live with my FIL, its his house, and he has clutter everywhere).

I kicked my husband out with Drew so he wouldn't be around the fumes. I made sure my pregnant SIL wasn't going to be around, and I scrubbed the bathroom clean. It was wonderful. Yeah, I'm tired know, but it was worth it.

Happy Memorial Day

I hope you have a safe and relaxing memorial day. While you are out enjoying your BBQ's and time off from work, take a moment to remember our troops from the past and present. They are the reason for today and everyday of freedom. Happy Memorial Day!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Do you miss it?

The other day, while we were sitting in the Cheesecake Factory Restaurant (eating cheesecake of course), a pregnant women walking past the table.

My mom looked at the women, who appeared to be out for one last time with her girlfriends before the baby arrived, and then she looked at me saying "Wow, she looks like she will have the baby any day now". Then she asks me "Aren't you glad those days are over?"

I thought for a second to myself and answered her, "Actually no. Yes, I was uncomfortable at times but I really enjoyed being pregnant." Its true. I really did. Yes, I have a beautiful little boy that I can hold in my arms now, but I really did enjoy having him in my belly. It was a blessing.

I don't know if it was the long road Jeff and I had to endure before we found out about Drew or I was enjoying myself knowing that this is most likely my last time being pregnant or the time of year (not dealing with the hot, humid weather). I'm not sure, but I do know it was a wonderful experience from the moment the pregnancy stick said yes (yeah, it really said "yes" rather then two lines) to the first time I held him in my arms.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Timeline Thursday

Finally asleep after a long night 5/15/2009

First pair of sunglasses 5/16/2009

Ready to go! 5/17/2009

Laying with mommy 5/18/2009

Sleeping like a big boy 5/19/2009

Drew right after a bottle 5/20/2009

Drew being attacked by his carseat toys 5/21/2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Favorite Song

I love the new Jason Mraz song featuring Colbie Caillat called "Lucky".

I turn it up and just imagine being off with Jeff in Hawaii again, just the two of us, walking on the beach, hand-in-hand.

The song flows so beautifully and the lyrics are so romantic. Those two make a wonderful duet.

Check out the video on youtube......Lucky Video.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Went for a Walk

We went for a walk today, like we do everyday (unless its raining out, then we walk around the mall). It was so beautiful outside. The air was warm with a slight breeze.

We walk around the block in our neighborhood. If we go the entire length, its 0.9 miles and we have a small street that cuts it in half, so if we don't feel like walking the entire way, we cut through.

Today, it was Drew, Grammie and myself. It was a short walk, but it was so wonderful to hear all the neighborhood sounds while we were out. Its wonderful to hear the neighborhood alive since it was a wonderful day. We heard lawn mowers, dogs barking, kids playing and people talking in their yards. The wonderful sounds of Spring!

Also, Drew got to ware his cool shades his Grammie bought for him!

Monday, May 18, 2009

2 Weeks Left

Yikes! Time does fly when you are taking care of a newborn. I can't believe I only have two weeks left of my 6 week maternity leave. I could take the whole 12 weeks, but I am only paid for the first 6 weeks. The second half I'd have to use my vacation time and I have to save those days for our Zack visits.

I wish there was away to be able to stay home with Drew, but financially there is no way. Also, I'd have to fight my husband for the ability to stay home. He's already volunteered to stay home with Drew if either one of us had an opportunity to do so.

I know these two weeks will fly by, as the past 4 weeks have, but I am going to enjoy every moment I can.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

Updates from the South

Jeff spoke to Zack the other day, as he always does. Zack asked when we would see him next. Jeff explained, Fathers day weekend in Maryland and before Zack could say anything, Jeff told him "I know, I know you miss me but I'll see you soon". Jeff said this with a smirk on his face knowing this isn't the reason Zack was asking. There was a long pause on the other line...........

Zack was trying to figure out how to tell his dad that yeah, he missed him but he wasn't asking for him, he was asking because he wanted to see Drew. So, Jeff let him off the hook and said "I know buddy, you want to see Drew, I was only kidding with you".

Its hard to explain to an 11-year old that the visit schedule was set up because HIS mom decided to move to Virginia a few years back and now he has to suffer because of it. Its tough on us all.

Speaking of Zack's mom, she did go through with the marriage. We don't have many details yet, but Zack said there was a wedding, he danced at the party and has pictures. I'm sure I'll here some details at the next visit, and if there is any juicy gossip, I will share!

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Timeline Thursday

Grammie holding Drew on the boppy pillow 5/8/2009

Sleeping in the bouncy chair 5/9/2009

Ally & Drew 5/10/2009

Mommy & Drew sleeping 5/11/2009

Big Boy Stretch 5/12/2009

Posing for pictures on 5/13/2009

Getting burped in the middle of the night 5/14/2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Grammie Boot Camp

We are working hard getting Grammie ready for baby-sitting for when I go back to work (let me put it on record, I don't want to go back). Those two are getting to know each other very well. We didn't want to just throw them together on my first day back to work and say, here you go you two....good luck! That would have been disastrous!

So, my mom has been over every day during the week while Jeff is at work to help me out and have a review session to get ready. Obviously she knows how to change diapers, feed a baby, burp, calm a fussy baby and everything that goes with taking care of a baby, but its been almost 30 years since she had to do it. Also, she has to learn how to use all the new baby technologies that go along with taking care of a baby (the bottle warmer, the sleep positioner, bobby pillow, etc).

Also, with her at home with me, its helps me out alot. I'm able to rest and do a few things around the house when Drew doesn't want to rest. So, its a win-win situation for the both of us.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


How come overloaded advise come from those who you don't want it from?

I was at the grand-opening of one of my aunts breakfast/lunch cafe's yesterday and all I got was bogus advise from my family about Drew. I got the "oh, you should do it this way', "oh, you are doing it wrong", etc.

The only one who didn't say anything was my wise grandmother. She knows that every mother has their own way of taking care of their child and if I wanted to ask something, I would ask her.

As for close friends and family, I welcome the advise (please don't think I don't). Its just the ones who I don't see very often think they have to help me out by giving me all this advise. Do I have something on my forehead for them that say, please help....I don't know what I'm doing? No, I think I've done pretty good so far being a first timer, and I have no idea why I get the comments I do. It must be some-sort of pride thing for those family and friends I guess.

Also, I get the question, didn't you go to a class to learn this? Um, yeah but I wasn't taught that, we learned something else.

I don't know. It can get frustrating sometimes. This weekend we are going to a cousins christening, and I'm sure I will get the same thing since its the same family members we will be around.

I can't urge my close family and friends enough, how much I appreciate them and all of their help!

Monday, May 11, 2009

My First Mothers Day

It was my first official mothers day yesterday and it was great. There was one thing missing to make it over the top, and that was Zack. But, I had Drew and the rest of my family around to celebrate.

After I woke up, I found Jeff and Drew playing in the living room. Jeff whispered to Drew "Ok, now what have we been practicing?" He holds Drew's little head towards me and says in a tiny voice, "Happy Mothers Day mommy". I had two cute as can be cards handed to me (one from Jeff and the other from Drew) and was told I have a mothers ring on order with Drew and Zack's birthstones in it. I was so excited.

I mentioned to Jeff around the time we started to talk about having a baby that someday I'd like a piece of jewelry with our kids birthstones on it. I told him that I want Zack included in the piece since he is my step-son. Zack has been in my life for 7 years now and I consider him a son, so it only made sence to me that he be included in the jewlery. I just didn't expect my little surprise so soon.

Then my FIL and myself (with help from my BIL) we served up a mother's day brunch/breakfast for the family. We had the works, except waffles or pancakes (maybe next year). It was wonderful. It was so great to have everyone over to celebrate and visit with each other on such a wonderful day.
After breakfast was finished and everyone left, we had a nice relaxing afternoon at home. It was a perfect day!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

You Melt My Heart

Even with every 3am feeding, your messy diapers, the surprising spit ups, its all worth it to me since you've made my most precious dream come true.

I love it when you hold my finger while you eat and squeeze tight. Its almost like you don't want to let me go.

I adore your innocent giggle, even though you may not know what you just did.
Your sleepy smile melts my heart......every time.

I love you Mr. Drew. Thank you for making me a very proud mama.


Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful in-laws, John & Sarah!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Oh, I can have that now!

Its amazing how once you get into a routine, you just go with it.

When I found out I was pregnent, I modified my diet immediatly. I cut out lunch meat, hot dogs, caffine (except a very small amount of chocolate), made sure to eat more veggies and fruit and all kinds of adjustments to make sure I was giving my child a healthy start.

After Drew was born, I started to realize that I could eat restricted items again. It wasn't immediate for certain things, but after 9/10 months of being pregnant, its hard to realize that you could go back to your pre-pregnancy diet. I'm not going crazy, since I have to shed my pregnancy pounds, but it feels great to be able to eat certain things again.

I was craving a rubin sandwich from about month 6 through the end, so that was a given that I would have one as soon as I could. The other thing that took some time to realize I could have again was a regular tea or a chai from Starbucks. About a week after having the baby, I was continuing to drink decaf tea. Then all of a sudden, it felt like a switch went on, I realized I could have regular tea again. Duh! Also, its nice to be able to treat myself to a Starbucks chai again!

Its been like one big discovery for the past few weeks figuring out what I can have again. Who knows what I will discover I can have today!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Timeline Thursday

Smiling in my sleep 5/1/2009

Tummy Time on 5/2/2009

Oh, so peaceful while I'm sleeping 5/3/2009

Checking out my bouncy chair 5/4/2009

Relaxing on my boppy pillow 5/5/2009

Floor Time on 5/6/2009

Look how strong I am at 3 weeks old 5/7/2009

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What's New With Zack?

Not much....according to him!

We just found out that Zack will be the ring bearer for his mom's wedding* on Saturday. He's pretty excited. I hope we will receive a photo of him all dressed up, but we'll have to see.

Also, he's excited that school will end soon. He is finishing up in the 5th grade and will be heading to a new school next year for the 6th grade. Wow! Middle school already!

He started soccer a couple of weeks ago and his team is doing good.

Other then that, we don't have any other updates for Zack. When Jeff calls to chat with him, he's either distracted by video games or tv. Or like this past Sunday, he wasn't home and his mom told Jeff that she'll have him call when he gets home and then never did. So Jeff had to call him on Monday and of course he was distracted by something and didn't want to talk. I'd just wish that she would help Jeff out and have him stop what he was doing to actually talk to Jeff, but we know that will never happen.

*As for the wedding, we don't know too many other details other then it is taking place this Saturday and the plans haven't been going as smooth as she would like it. I guess two people in the wedding party backed out and the honeymoon plans are falling through. Awh, that's too bad! The reason we know this much is when Jeff called for Zack on Sunday, Jeff casually asked about her big day (to be nice) and she spilled her guts. So, if I hear any other details, I will definitely share them!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Day With Mommy

Hi everyone, Drew here......

My mommy is sleeping and I snuck out of my crib to let y'all know how my first day with her went (without daddy).

My grammie came over to help mommy and its a good thing too. I was a little cranky all day since I missed my dad.

We showed grammie how I can lay on my tummy and lift my head (my mom calls that tummy time), play on the floor, how I love to sit in my boppy pillow and how I learned to "bounce" with mommy's assistance in my new bouncy chair.

We also went for a little walk around the block to get some fresh air in the afternoon. Grammie almost bought us ice cream, but mommy said no since it was too close to supper time, oh well. There is always next time when I can get grammie alone and tell her its ok. It was nice for us to get out of the house, even though I snoozed a little while my mommy pushed my carriage.

My grammie is also working on getting used to me since she will be watching me after mommy goes back to work. She held me, loved me and talked to me even though I was fussy. She also changed my diaper twice and I was nice enough not to go tinkle on her (I'll save that for another day).

Maybe today I won't be so cranky for mommy. We'll see how the day unfolds.............

Monday, May 4, 2009

Ally Loves Drew

My cute little 4 year old niece, Ally, didn't quite understand all the talk about a baby before Drew was born. She would hear us talk about the baby, I tried to have her feel the little guy move around in my belly (but he of course would calm down as soon as she would put her hand on my belly) and try to tell her that baby Drew will arrive soon. She would just look at us like we were crazy, since she didn't see any baby.

Then the big day arrived. Ally and her dad (her mommy was sick, so she couldn't come) came to visit when Drew was a day old. I think Ally was a bit over whelmed being at the hospital and not really know what was going on. She acted really shy, even though it was just her family there with no strange people around. Ally didn't want to go over and see the baby, so she sat on her Uncle Jeff's lap and ate her chocolate "Its a boy" cigar and seemed to feel a little better.

Then, by the following weekend, all she could talk about was the baby. She couldn't wait to come over and see him. All she talked about was the baby. But, one strange thing occurred, she couldn't remember to call him baby Drew. She would call the little guy baby Jayden. Her parents had no idea where she came up with the name (no friends at "school", etc), but we all knew who she was talking about.

She was so excited about her new little cousin, she wanted her own pictures to bring to school. When she was holding him for the first time (with Auntie Amanda's assistance), she would just talk and talk about baby Jayden.

Ally loved to touch his little toes (after she saw Auntie do it, it was ok) and caressed his soft hair ever so gently. Every time he made a little sound, she would look at me with wonderment in her eyes. I could tell she really loves her new little cousin.

I can't wait for these two to be able to play together. There isn't anything better then two cousins who love to be with each other.
The strange thing about Ally's nickname for Drew is, when we told the story to my pregnant SIL, she said that Jayden is one of the names they were considering naming their little boy. Now that's strange! Maybe Ally already knew somehow and she was getting her babies mixed up?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Back to Work

Monday, Jeff goes back to work. Yikes!!

He's been off from work with Drew and I since he was born. I'm scared, worried and terrified all in one to be by myself for a couple of reasons.....Jeff and I have been working off of each other with solutions for everything we come across with Drew. Also, Jeff will have to work on his sleep pattern this weekend, so I will be almost flying solo with the feedings. I'm worried about being extra sleep deprived around Drew and do something stupid.

I know you experienced mothers out there will tell me not to worry, but with my first day alone on the horizon, its a little intimidating. I can always go pick my mother up and have her with me for the day, but to actually get to the point of getting dressed, packed in the car and then head to her house to pick her up, seems like a challenge for the first time being alone. But, I will manage and get through it. I know I will. I just wanted to get my feelings out all over the place and see if that helps!! Wish me luck!