Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Belly Laughs

If you don't know who Jenny McCarthy is, well she is an ex-playboy bunny model who isn't ashamed of what she has to say or do. She hosted a MTV show in the 90's and did a few other shows after that, but she is best known for her unpredictable and outrageous vocabulary for the television audience.

So, with that in mind, she wrote a pregnancy book. Its a quick read, but each chapter is directly to the point. She tells things like it is with no fluff around what happened to her during her pregnancy.

Some of the stuff I have experienced, still is and some of it I hope not too (like those hemorrhoids I keep hearing about). She starts off in the book talking about how she found out she was expecting and carries us all through her pregnancy adventures dealing with her husband and specialty doctors with everything else in between until the very end. She also has some advise mixed in there for the fathers-to-be too.

Its a cute, very honest book about what most women experience through pregnancy. So, if your curious, currently pregnant or want to compare notes with what she went through, its a good book to pick up.

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