Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Poor Little Guy

My little boy has had a rough 24 hours. He had his 2 month check up, but he had to have two shots for immunizations. I wasn't prepared for that and neither was he!! But before we get into that, Drew now weighs 16 pounds, 1 oz and is 24 1/2 inches long. What a big boy!

Anyway, the doctor had Jeff lay him on the table in the exam room, hold his hands and talk to him. Now Drew has gotten shots before, but not two at once. So, the doctor stuck his first leg and he whimpered a little while Jeff was talking to him and I thought this is good. Then came the second needle in the other leg. Bring on the screams and crocodile tears.

Jeff picked him up right away (after the doc said she was all set) and just held him and soothed him. It took several minutes, but Drew pulled in his bottom lip and just whimpered. What a trooper I thought!

Then evening came and it was a different story. His little thighs were sore where the needle marks where. We couldn't get near the area without him screaming. He couldn't get comfy, he couldn't relax and cried while he ate. It was a long night.

Finally today I was able to call the nurse at the pediatricians and asked if I could give him infant Tylenol. After discussing the amount and all the information, we got the ok to give him the meds. As soon as I got home, I gave him the grape goodness and within an hour, relief was in his eyes. Drew was miserable all day!

I just finished putting him down for bed and what a difference it was last night compared to today. He relaxed, ate like a champ and even smiled a little too. My poor little guy!

Monday, June 29, 2009

All partied out!

Drew attended his first party. Yeah, he was surrounded by ladies, but he didn't mind at all.....he's just like his daddy.

He went with mommy to his Auntie Jenn's baby shower. Drew looked so handsome. He had a cute button down shirt, blue shorts with blue sandals. He was so adorable, you could just eat him up.

This was the first time alot of the mutual family friends were able to see him since he was born, so he was being passed around, admired and complimented on how good he was during the party.

It helped having his big cousin, Ally around to entertain him. Oh, they were having a great time playing with each other. Ally is defiantly going to be the big sister type when he gets older. Ally would play with Drew, then run off to play with a cousin from Vermont and then come back to check on Drew. One time Drew was off with a friend and Ally kept saying, I want him back here with a pouty look on her face. It was too cute. I had to explain that he'll be back, no worries. Then she'd go off to play with Sianna.

Jenn(in purple) with Nate and his family
Jenn, my SIL, made out wonderfully for her little boy (they are thinking of Jayden Joseph for his name, but its not 100% yet). She had the diaper raffle like we did, so they are going to be set on those suckers for a good part of his first year. Jenn and Nate (her boyfriend) were very pleased with everything they received.
I enjoyed after the shower, once everything was home, helping them go through it all. Jeff and I volunteered to help them sort through things so they can make a list of things they will need to get after their move to an apartment next month.
After the shower, our family from Vermont came over to our house for a quick bite before they headed back north. It was wonderful to visit with everyone after the party. Drew had such a busy day, he was pooped by the time everyone left.

Friday, June 26, 2009

It's the weekend!

Its Friday, yeah! I know my weekend will be busy, but its so nice to hear its Friday.

On the agenda for the weekend is a baby shower for my SIL. Then its off to a baby consignment store to see what we can find for Drew.

On Sunday its time to celebrate Jeff's and my birthday with the family. I can't wait to see my niece Ally!

I hope you also have a fun filled weekend too! Also, if its going to be hot in your area too, stay cool!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Timeline Thursday

Good tummy time 6/19/2009

Laughing with big brother Zack 6/20/2009

Relaxing at the hotel 6/21/2009

Our little traveler 6/22/2009

Its such a hard life 6/23/2009

Mommy & Drew 6/24/2009

Talking with Grammie 6/25/2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Best Present

Yup, I turned 30 yesterday. I didn't feel any different, which was great. Jeff kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday and I kept telling him nothing. He's already given me the best present anyone could ask for, Drew. He said, I know but I gave the best present to my father and I still get him stuff (remember the transplant).

I giggled when he said that, but I kept telling him that I'm all set. I just want to have our family together over the weekend to celebrate both our birthdays (Jeff's is next week) and that will be great.

Well, he still got me a little something (the Lady Gaga CD), cards from him and Drew and a cake. Actually the cake was a hostess cupcake, the orange flavor, with a candle on it. It was perfect. Drew loved to watch the candle burning on top. I'd move the cupcake and his eyes would follow. It was too cute!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Water Is Too Cold

Over the weekend, it was hot and humid in Maryland. After lunch on Friday, we decided to head back to the hotel for a couple of hours. I wanted to get all of Zack's things into the room and give the boys a chance to jump in the pool.

By the time we get the hotel, we actually had only a hour and half before we had to meet back at grandpa's to head south to visit family. So, we pile on Zack's stuff so we don't have to make a second trip (yeah, he brings that much stuff for a short visit and really doesn't even touch 90% of the things he brings) and make it into the room.

Jeff was in charge of getting Zack ready for the pool and I had Drew duty. So, I start talking with Drew to get him excited and smiling while I strip off his clothes and diaper, put on his swimming diaper, swim shorts, lather on the SPF and find his bucket hat. In the mean time, Zack is dressed and Jeff is layering the sunblock on Zack while complaining we should get the spray kind (blah, blah, blah).

We hop on the elevator and find our way to the pool. It looks so refreshing with the crystal blue water and the heat just pounding on the top of our heads, Zack couldn't wait to get in. While he was sitting on the side of the pool he mentioned how cold the water was, but we just assumed it was from being out in the humid weather, it can make the water feel that much colder. Jeff took Drew around to the stairs of the pool, tested the water and proceeds to dunk his little feet into the water. As soon as his toes hit the water, blood curling screams come from our little peanut.
I guess the water was too cold for him. Drew didn't want anything to do with the water after he started to cry. He had enough. Drew was "in" the water less the one minute. Zack however took the plunge. As you can tell by his face, it was a tad bit chilly for him too.

Zack tried to get Drew to enjoy the coolness of the water, but it was no use. Drew threw in the towel long ago. Zack only stayed in the pool for about 10 minutes. I guess when the hotel advertises for a heated pool, they really mean the water will eventually be warmer as the sun beats down on it. Who knows if they really have a heater to take the chill out of the water.
Its too bad that the water was so cold. All that quick prep on the boys and all for a disappointing adventure. But, Drew took a dip in his first swimming pool and his big brother was there to help!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Busy Weekend

Oh, where to start! This weekend was so busy, but so rewarding and fun at the same time. It was so great to see Zack, Drew meeting his family for the first time and to see the boys have a great time together.

We met Zack and his mom at a local Dunkin Donuts in Maryland (it was a spot she knew where it was near her hotel). We brought Drew in while he was sitting in his car seat. When Zack peered over the handle, Drew was starring at him with the look on his face....I know you from somewhere.

When we got to Grandpa's house, Drew was placed on the floor on his play mat and Zack stuck his head over him and Drew flashed the biggest and longest smiles at his big brother. It was heart melting to see Drew recognizing Zack. After a little while Zack picked him up and they were talking up a storm together.

Grandpa thought Drew was the bestest thing. I think he hadn't held a baby is some time, so he was a little stiff holding Drew (also, I'm sure Drew was a little heavier then he was used to picking up too) but he kept starring at him no matter where he was. Grandpa also calls Drew, Tom. This is because they share a middle name. The first time he did this, I though who was he talking about and then it hit me....it was because of his middle name.

Then it was off to visit more family. Everyone just adored little Drew and was excited to see Zack. Aunt Virg was even teaching Drew early how to play the piano.

There is so much more to share about our weekend, but I'll get to that soon. It was so great to see Zack too. We won't see him next until our big vacation in August. We found out yesterday that he made the honor-roll at school. That's a great way to head into middle school next year.
Also, Drew traveled so good to and from Maryland. He did fantastic!!

Last Day in my 20's

Yup, today is the last day that I will be in my 20's. I can't believe it! I will be 30 years old tomorrow. Officially, I'll turn my new age at 1:05am on June 23rd, but no one is being official these days.

I haven't really had time to stew in the fact that my 20's will be over until this weekend while traveling (sitting in the car, starring out the window, all these thoughts pop into my head). I'm not dreading turning the big 3-0 like some people are, so I'm grateful for that, its just I have to get used to saying I'm 30-something now.

I had a great decade while growing up in my 20's. I traveled, got married, grew my little family and enjoyed so many celebrations with my family and so many wonderful things that took place. I wouldn't change a thing!!
So, here is to the next 10 years of my life to experience all the things that lie in my future.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day to all the daddy's, grandpa's and fathers-to-be ! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with love, relaxation and pampering.
Jeff & Drew

Grandpa (my dad) & Drew

Grandpy (Jeff's Dad) & Drew

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Timeline Thursday

Posing for pictures 6/12/2009

Laughing at mommy singing 6/13/2009

First Mohawk 6/14/2009

Lazy tummy time 6/15/2009

My belly is full 6/16/2009

Drew smirking after I told him he was stinky 6/17/2009

Sleeping little boy 6/18/2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Update on Madison

We heard that little Madison Drew will be heading home on Friday. This is fantastic news!

We haven't seen her yet, but when we do I will have pictures to share!

We heard that the other day, Kara & David were able to dress her up in a little pink dress while she was still recovering in nicu. Isn't that so precious. They were so excited.

Thanks to everyone who included our friends in their well wishes and prayers.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Today is Grandpa's 83rd Birthday!! I can't wait to see him this weekend to give him a great big birthday hug!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Aaaaah, that's nice!

People say my son is weird. They say he's a backwards kind of kid.

The major thing that makes people say this is Drew's love of the shower and the sound of running water. We discovered his love when he was a few days old. It occurred during his first sponge bath at home.

Drew was fussy throughout the entire sponge bath. At the point it was time to rinse his hair, we figured the easiest way was to put his hair under the faucet with running water. We assumed he would scream bloody murder at that point, but as soon as his hair touched the water, there was silence from him and only the sound of the water filled the room. Jeff and I just looked at each other in amazement.

Drew during his first sponge bath
When Drew was able to take a regular bath, we set his little tub up on the kitchen table. As soon as he touched the water, he screamed. He didn't like it at all! We covered him with a washcloth to see if he was cold, no he screamed. We tried to sooth him with our voices, no he screamed. We tried everything, but he just wouldn't enjoy himself.

Drew during his first bath
Jeff mentioned after the bath that he wanted to try and take Drew into the shower with him. Ever since then, Drew loves the shower. He just relaxes and goes for the ride.

Shower time with Daddy
We think part of the love for the shower is the sound of running water. As soon as he hears the water, in a faucet or shower, he just relaxes. We really caught onto his liking of the sound when he was fussy in the middle of the night. I thought I would try background noise with the faucet just to help break up the wait time for his bottle and as soon as it was turned on, the silence returned and he looked up at me while he laid in my arms with the expression, why didn't you do that sooner?

So, people say that Drew is an unusual kid because of his way he likes water. We just discovered too that if we are in need to cool Drew down from the heat, we can put him in the sink with the running water and he loves it just as much as a shower.

I can't wait for him to try out the little sprinkler pool I picked up for him this weekend.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Well Wishes

This year in our family, it is expanding almost every month this summer with babies.

This month, friends of Jeff's side of the family, Kara & David, were expecting a little girl. She was due towards the end of the month.

Friday, we received a phone call that Kara was rushed in for an emergency c-section. She was two weeks early. I guess Kara stopped feeling the baby moving around so she went to the hospital to have things checked out. After her ultra-sound began, it was discovered the placenta stopped working. They found a heart-beat, but rushed her into surgery.

Madison Drew* was born Friday afternoon, but in need of some medical attention. She had to have two blood transfusions since her count was in the mid-20's and it should be in the 50's. Madison has spent her first few days in the nicu, but she is coming along beautifully.

We haven't visited them to give them their space, rest and let them keep their focus on the baby. When I have updates, I'll pass them along. But in the mean time, please send your warm wishes and prayers their way for a speedy recovery for the both of them.

*They were going to name their little girl Drew, but at Christmas time they found out we were naming our little boy Drew, so they changed their minds.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Next Week At This Time

Next Friday, we will be in Maryland visiting Zack and my Grandpa. Those two guys can't wait to see Drew (forget about Jeff and I). Zack can't wait to see how Drew has changed since he first saw him when he was a few days old. We've told him over the phone about all the changes, but its so much better to see them in person.

This will be the first time Grandpa (and the rest of my family in Maryland) get to see the little guy. Great-Grandpa can't wait. He has pictures sent to him weekly, but again, its nothing like holding the real deal in your arms.

Also, my parents will be there for a visit too. They are actually leaving this weekend to be there for the week. I don't know how my parents (especially my mom) will be able to be away from Drew until Friday, but it will be interesting to see their reactions. But, I've already warned them that Great-Grandpa gets to hold him first!!

It will be interesting traveling with an infant for that long of a trip, but it has to be done so we can see Zack. Wish us luck!!

My dad & Drew

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Timeline Thursday

Grammie & Drew 6/5/2009

What a ham! 6/6/2009

Here comes trouble 6/7/2009

Eating his hand 6/8/2009

Figuring out his floor mat toys 6/9/2009

Doing yard work with daddy 6/10/2009

Waiting for mommy outside with Grammie 6/11/2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Buzz Buzz Buzz

Drew was born with a full head of hair. Dark brown and thick. Its thinned out a little, but still he has so much hair that his Grandpy is jealous. He has so much hair, it covers his ears and drapes over his caller.

Well, Jeff and I made an executive decision on Saturday to give him his first haircut. I know the "rules" are that you should wait until the babies first year, but we couldn't wait. Who knows how long his hair would grow in the next 10 months.

We only trimmed around his ears. Oh, that was an adventure in its self. Of course I was the one to actually do the cutting and trimming so I got all the flack because the hair wasn't perfect after being cut. Jeff was the one to try and hold Drew's head still while I cut. Then my FIL was the photographer.

That poor child had no idea what was going on, he cried and screamed until Jeff let go of his head.

I know the trimming isn't perfect, but we feel much better about his hair. Hopefully now we won't get the commits "Oh, what a pretty little girl" while he's dressed all in blue!