Monday, March 2, 2009

What I Learned This Weekend

As you know, we went to Maryland this weekend to visit Zack and my Grandpa. I don't have pictures ready to share with our adventures yet, but I did learn a few things over the past couple of days I thought were interesting.

  1. Baby Drew gets the hiccups often.

  2. Zack was amazed when he felt his little brother kicking (hard) for the first time.

  3. I can lie to Zack's mom, while looking straight in her eyes, about how "wonderful" she looks in her wedding dress (she showed Jeff & I a picture that was taken while she was trying it on).
  4. My mother takes way too long to fix a cup of coffee at a rest area (she tagged along on this trip).

  5. My grandpa is like a little kid......he tries to sneak an extra donut when he thinks no one is watching, but still gets caught red handed.

  6. Jeff likes to play tag with other cars while driving long distances (I knew this one already, but forgot).

  7. I can't follow 3 conversations at once anymore, its very frustrating and tiring.

  8. I am definitely getting a case of mommy brain (I kept forgetting little things either at the hotel or in the car).

  9. I can't see my ankle bones any longer.....they've disappeared under some swollen skin.

  10. Priceline rocks for cheap hotel prices.....we got a room at a Fairfield Inn Marriott for $49 a night and the hotel was great.

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Cherish said...

Wow, thats a lot of learning in one weekend! I love baby hiccups for the first few months and then they just get to me after awhile. I hope you are enjoying them though.

I hope you had a wonderful visit