Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We Passed!

Well, that's what they tell us, but the real test will be when baby Drew arrives.

We finished our 7 week birthing/Lamaze classes this past Monday. I'm not sure if we will remember all the techniques while I'm in labor, but you never know. The hardest part for us is remembering which breathing method to use at which stage of labor. I'm thinking that as long as I use a techniques at some point, that is ok with me.

The best part is since we attended each class, we received a certificate for reimbursement for our insurance company. Sweet! That means the class will eventually be free for us, that is when ever the insurance company decides to cut us a check.

So, the classes were definitely an experience. I learned some things about the different epidurals, breathing patterns, watched some video's on birthing, learned how to bath and clean a boy (that was somthing I really needed to learn), was taught how to swaddle a baby and everything in between. I'm happy we went since it was a refresher for Jeff and hands on learning for me.

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Melissa said...

You wouldn't believe how much actually comes to you when he's born. I also did the classes here in Canada, and when I was in labour I forgot to breath!!! (you know what I mean .. lol) I wish I remembered because it would have made it a little easier. With no drugs I really needed to remember to breath and I didn't, next time for sure! And trust me certain breathing for certain times, it doesn't matter breathing in general will do :D

You guys are gonna do great!!!