Friday, March 6, 2009

Brotherly Love

Last weekend, while in Maryland, Zack was able to experience something he's never done before.

While we were in the NASA visitor center, watching a movie on the environment, baby Drew started moving around, kicking, pushing and doing what he does best.

Jeff was sitting next to me, so I grabbed his hand and put it on my belly. Jeff felt some good kicks and noticed that the movement was lasting a little while. So, he tapped Zack on the shoulder (since he was sitting in front of us) and told him that the baby was moving around. Immediately, Zack jumped up and squeezed between Jeff and I. Jeff then placed Zack's hand on my belly.

It took a few seconds, but baby Drew showed his big brother, that he was definitely awake. Drew kicked hard and right away Zack looked up at me with wonderment in his eyes with an amazed look on his face that he was able to feel his baby brother for the first time.

He kept his hand there until the baby was done showing off. It was a good 5 minutes! At one point the baby moved so hard, it moved Zack's hand off my belly. Zack was so amazed.

I was so happy to have that little bond experience between the boys during the trip. It was just breath taking to see the joy in Zack's eyes with the experience. And I know, even more, he can't wait to meet his little brother in June (since that will be the next visit after Drew is due to come into this world).

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Cherish said...

Thats precious. My kids were usually too young to understand that there was an actual baby in my belly! Im sure Zack will make an amazing big brother