Friday, May 28, 2010

With Such Ease

Jeff and I commented the other night, how easy Drew makes it look to stand up from the ground, with no help. This is a no brainier for me and you, but for someone who is just learning all this stuff, its an amazing task.

Drew did learn to walk first before he could stand on his own, but he was definitely standing up with help at that time. Using everyone's legs, reaching up for hands or pulling himself up on furniture was his means of standing up.
But now-a-days, as you watch the big/little guy, its amazing how easy he makes it look. It seems like he doesn't even have to think about it anymore.

There are times though that he may lose his balance because he's not thinking about, he just pops right up and wants to go, go, go. But if he falls (sometimes he can catch himself), he'll smile and get right back up and continue on his mission.

What's next on this guys list to check off? Climbing by himself? Opening round door knobs? Or feeding himself using a spoon?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Busy, But Great Weekend Planned

I can't wait until the weekend rolls around. Its a long weekend for Memorial Day and the weather should be decent.

On Saturday, we may head up north for a drive through Vermont to visit some family. We haven't seen Jeff's aunt and uncle since summer of last year, so its an over due visit. We are only going to go for the day so there are no worries of where to sleep or they having to accommodate us with a night time routine with Drew. My FIL is still debating if we should call ahead or just show up. I'm leaning towards calling ahead since I don't want to drive all that way and they not be home for some reason. It won't be too fun to just turn around with a one year old in the car.

On Sunday, I found an antique tractor show in a near by farm town. I thought about Drew's new found interested in the machines and thought this would be a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Also, there will be a petting zoo, hay rides, farmers market, tag sales and so much more at the same location. And the best part, its FREE! So, that should be a blast.

Then, Monday we will hit some tag sales and end up at the mall. We have to get some things at the mall (for fathers day crafts) so, we have to make that happen over the weekend.

I hope to fill in the "down time" with some rest and relaxation. Woo-hoo for long weekends.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Speaking Of A Tractor

A few years ago, way before Drew was born, we gave my niece Ally a motorized John Deere Tractor for her birthday. Her dad loves the green machines, so we thought it was appropriate to give Ally her very own tractor. Well, the plan didn't go so well since she was afraid of the movement while sitting on the tractor while it was in motion. She didn't mind hitting the petal and walking along with the tractor, just don't put her in the drivers seat.

Fast forward 3 years later, and the tractor found a new home, with us! It was set up in Drews room, all set and batteries charged. He went straight for it and loved to touch it and wanted to climb on it right away. So, Jeff placed him in the seat and started to show Drew where the petal was to make it move. Drew's foot touched the petal, but barely covered it to give it enough umph to make it go anywhere. But, Jeff kept showing him that the tractor could move and each time his smile got bigger and bigger. They were having so much fun, the games had to be moved into the living room.

Once in the living room, there was plenty of room to move around. Jeff showed Drew all the buttons to make the flashers work, make the engine start and beep the horn. Drew was loving it. The best part was cruising along the living room floor. I lost count how many times Jeff would press the gas petal, drove Drew across the living room only to back it up and start over again. It was so much fun watching the boys play.

A couple of times Drew got the concept of pressing the gas petal and reaching it to make the tractor move. He would fly past us all and crash (lightly) into the couch or entrainment system. It was hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing out of excitement while watching Drew's face light up with wonder because he was on a moving tractor.

Now the tractor is outside in our shed. Every time the shed is open and that green and yellow are seen by Mr. Drew, he runs right over to it and touches it. He wants to have it out in the yard so he can play!

Monday, May 24, 2010

McCrays Farm

Last weekend, it was beautiful outside. It was a Saturday and we had planned a mothers day outing. Usually we go to a beach town on the east coast to explore. We had planned on going to a state park in CT with mom, Drew and me.

Last minute, Drew was having a hard time sleeping (more then usual) and I was exhausted (more then usual). I couldn't see myself driving an hour away from home, spend time walking around in the sun and drive back home. So, we decided to adjust our plans and stick around home to explore.

I do miss seeing the ocean, but I was so happy we chose to change our plans and explore things in our area with Drew. We went to some tag sales and found an adorable country store that I've driven by countless times but never stopped in. After that, went to lunch at a deli on a farm, stopped by Drew's day care who is expanding to a new site for preschool and ended up at a petting zoo/homemade ice cream/farm that Drew never has seen. I've been there many times, but I couldn't wait to get there for Drew to see all the animals.

Our first stop at the farm was for ice cream. They have a little sit down area inside with booths so customers can eat their treats. Drew decided to help himself to Grammies ice cream with his spoon. He was having a blast dipping his spoon into her gooey ice cream and getting it all over himself. After he was cleaning up, we headed outside to the petting zoo.

Drew walked right up with me to the animals and just stared up at the llamas, goats and cows. He even wanted to touch them, so I helped him out with petting their noses. He just watched while mommy fed the animals too, he didn't want a part of that thought. Once we looked at all the animals, we made it to the end of the line where there is an old retired tractor for kids to play on. As soon as noticed that, be made a bee-line towards the old machine. He was loving it, hitting the tires, walking all around it, pulling on the motor parts and making his vroom, vroom sound effects. I think he liked the tractor more then the animals!

It was such a great day! I am so happy we stuck around and explored the farm towns near us for new things to do with Drew. What a great way to spend a belated mothers day.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Mural Update

I've been working on the mural here and there. I've worked on the grass, hill around Winnie's doorway and the sky (not in the picture).

I've done a second layer on all the green (of course, not pictured) and I'm hoping to do one more and wispy grass, then that would be all done.

I have a lot of detail work left, the rest of the log, the door way, clouds and of course Pooh himself. I'm leaving Pooh until the end.

Oh, and of course the lettering in the paper pinned up to the doorway is left too. I won't get much done this weekend since its a busy time at work, but maybe next weekend I'll get to it. We'll see!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sick Little Guy

Maybe I'm not the brightest, or quickest mom to figure out that my son decided to have a mild reaction to his 1 year shots that he had two weeks ago, but I just assumed he would be fine after all the other appointments.
Let me explain. Back on May 10th, Drew had his one year check up. He had three shots, one for the Chicken Pox, MMR and Hepatitis. Two went into his left leg and the other in his left arm. The next day, I took off his band-aids and didn't notice anything wrong around the shot area so I thought we were in the clear. I knew that it usually takes 2 weeks for the immunizations to kick in, but I just assumed if there was something to show up on his skin, it would be right away.
Fast forward, two weeks later. I noticed a thik red line with two bumps on Drew's leg. Now, I assumed the mark was from a toy or book falling on his leg since he likes to sit under his bookshelf and pull all the books down on himself. I just assumed it was a self inflicted welt.
Then Tuesday night, he had a very messy diaper, messier then usual but I thought there was a bug going around or maybe a reaction from teething (since he's getting his 4th molar in at the moment). Weds I received a phone call from day care that Drew has a 100.3 fever and I should come pick him up. On my way to get him, I thought for a split second, could this be from his shots? Then I quickly dismissed it and thought it was from teething again.
Then Weds night rolled around and a Facebook friend said that her daughter is feeling the same way (and they got their shots on the same day). Bingo!! She helped figure out that my son is having a mild reaction to his shots, oh I feel like a horrible mother! I know I thought of it for a split second but I dismissed the idea that it was teething. It just makes me feel like I'm going to get called into the bosses office and get spoken too for not taking care of the precious cargo, like I'm careless or something. I read up on the handouts I was given at his pediatrics office and the symptoms he's having (I'm assuming its the Chicken Pox shot since it was in his leg, don't think its to the Hepatitis shot) happens in 1 and every 7th child.
I'm now relived to know what's going on with the little guy and we can handle the situation accordingly.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Afraid, No More

Drew has mastered many of his toys. He know to push buttons, he understands moving a car/truck along the floor and make a vroom vroom sound, he learned to crash blocks when they are stacked up high like Godzilla would attack a building and can throw a ball.

He's only had one toy that frightened him when he was younger (around Christmas time), but now he loves it. It is one of the fisher price toys where you hit a button and it shoots plastic, colorful balls in the air only to fall into a tray and roll back into the vacuum area to only shoot back up in the air. Drew wasn't afraid of the ball, it was the vacuum sound.

We worked with Drew, holding him in our lap while we would play with his toy. He would panic a little, but we just showed him that everything was ok. Eventually one day, he crawled up to it, hit the button and loved it ever sense.

Now, the toy is stationed in his room (we used to have to hide it behind a chair in the living room since he would just stare at it, making sure it wouldn't move) and he loves to walk up to it, hit the button and push the ball back into the vacuum suction area. Also, once the wind hits his hair, he smiles big and shakes his head, almost in slow motion. Its too funny!

He's still afraid of the household vacuum, the little bubble machine for the bathtub or anything else that makes that sort of sound. But, he's figured out that his ball machine is no big deal.

Its amazing to see how much he's grown into himself and taking on these new adventures to learn about things all around him. What's next?

Monday, May 17, 2010

If you could go anywhere?

I was walking, by myself for a moment at work the other day, walking back to my office from getting lunch and thought to myself, if I could pick anywhere in the world to go, where would I chose?

Well, first I would ask...can we have a two part question? Then I'd say.....

If I could pick anywhere in the world I haven't been, I would chose Italy. I would love to see the beautiful city and soak in all the breath-taking views of the city. I would chose to see the sites on a gondola boat, snap pictures while I was whisked through the aquatic city. Can you imagine exploring all that the lovely place has in store? Then after exploring on a gondola, explore all the beautiful old structures all over the country. Oh, the possibilities are endless!!

The other part of the question I would say, if I had to chose anywhere I've been to go back, it would be Hawaii. I loved to see Oahu and it was awesome to visit the big Islands volcano, but I want to explore the less crowded islands like Kauai or Maui. I day dream often of what could be found on those islands, a breath-taking water fall, a wonderful path to hike upon or a nice hammock on a quite beach. Ahhh, the possibilities of relaxation!!

So, what would your pics be? The place you want to see and the place you want to go back too??

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A to Z

Stolen from Shelly and thought I'd share my A-Z list!!

a. area code: 413

b. bed size: King (I wouldn't have it any other way)

c. chore you hate: ironing

d. dog's name: none in the household yet

e. essential "start of the day" item: cup of tea

f. favorite color: purple

g. gold or silver: silver

h. height: on my licence 5'5 but in real life 5'4 1/2

i. instruments you play: um, none

j. job: administrator at a college in Western MA

k. kids: one and 1/2 (Drew and Zack, my step-son) boys

l. living arrangements: Me, Husband, Drew, FIL and a room for Zack

m. mom's name: Leta (Lee)

n. nickname: Maggie & Mandy

o. overnight hospital stay: only to give birth to Drew

p. pet peeve: people chewing gum very loudly

q. quote from movie: sorry, can't think of any at the moment (mommy brain)

r. righty or lefty: righty

s. siblings: only child

t. time you wake up: whenever Drew lets me know its time to get up (usually 5:30am-6am)

u. underwear: all the time and clean (since you never know what will happen, thanks mom)

v. vegetables you dislike: squash, egg plant and zucchini

w. ways or reasons you are late: other people holding me up, and I hate to be late!!

x. x-rays: recently for dental work

y. yummy food you make: chocolate chip cookies

z. zoo animals you like: all of them, how can you not love 'em all

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

1 Year Check-Up

My little boy had his one year check up yesterday. I know its a few weeks late, but hey that's the doctors office schedule for ya!

Before the apt, while waiting for the doctor, Drew had to explore the exam room. No problem, until he realized the door had a doorknob that he could open. Its the same doorknob they have at daycare, where he can enter the back office area where he's not suppost to be. Its the long knob that has to be pushed down to open the door, yup that one.

So, once Drew realized that he could stand on his tip, tip toes he could escape. There was no way of keeping that boy in the exam room until the doctor arrived. Once the door opened, he wanted to strut his stuff up and down the hall way (in nothing but a diaper might I add). He was talking, walking (trying to walk really fast) and smiling at all the nurses at the nurses station. It was pretty cute, but also trying to keep in out of the way of others was a challenge.

But, once the doctor came in there were no more attempts for the door. Drew had a great check-up, the doctor says he's developing wonderfully in all areas. He is finally back on the charts with his height and weight (he was so tall and the weight corresponded with the height that he was off the charts for a couple of check-ups). Drew is in the 98th percentile for his height at 31 3/4 inches. He is at the 90th percentile with his weight at 27.5lbs. I have a tall, solid little boy. Nothing wrong with that!!

Then it was time for the shots. He had to get 3 and 2 were the ones that hurt once the injection went in (the chicken pox and MMR shots). He was not a happy camper, but once he was dressed and out of the exam room, he was feeling better. The next check up will be in August for his 15 month apt (I know, a few weeks late on that one too), but I hope to report a clean bill of health then too!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Lego Dumptruck

Drew received a massive lego mega block dump truck on his birthday. When it was unwrapped, his eyes just lit up. Once the party was done and it was time to play with all the toys, he loved discovering this new toy (of course along with everything else too).

A few days ago, Drew discovered a new use for this awesome truck. You know, besides being able to push it around while making truck sounds, caring his blocks (and other toys) or make a huge mess when he dumps out the toys from the back part of the truck. Yes, he thinks is a sit-on, push toy. Yup, my son discovered this the other day when the back of the dump truck was lifted.

It was a quite evening at in our household, Drew was playing with his toys, we were all sitting in the living room periodically playing with him while he made his rounds to everyone then he stopped at his truck to play. I happened to look over at him at one point and noticed him swinging his leg over the middle of the truck, sitting and trying to push himself across the room. I was just amazed! Then started laughing and got Jeff and my FIL's attention to look at what Mr. Wise Guy was doing!

When he got his fill in of adventure on this new discovered toy, it was time to move onto the next thing. Man oh man, he's got an imagination!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Follow My Leed Kid

Drew is a "trouble" maker at day care. Its the innocent kind of trouble, the kind were you smile and shake your head and wonder where the heck did he learn that?

He loves to steal pacifier's from the babies. Now, keep in mind, Drew doesn't use one...hasn't since he was 3 months old. He has one he plays with once-in-awhile at home, but that's about it. He will either take them right from the younger kids mouths while reaching into the cribs or just from the cribs themselves. Its one of those things that just makes you shake your head.

The other thing, he doesn't like the infant room at day care any longer. Its all about the Toddler room (or going into the office area where he's not suppost to be going in). He bolts into the Toddler room as soon as I take off his coat in the morning and head for the big kid toys.

Since Drew is now one of the oldest kids in the infant room (he is scheduled to move into the Toddler room at 15 months, or sooner if they can work on the timing of his nap), he has an influence on the younger kids and that he does. There is a little boy named Rusty who is the next kid in line behind Drew. Rusty has learned to crawl and follow Drew around, especially into the office space where he's not suppost to go (when the door is left open for a split second, those two are right there). Also, Rusty has taken on a liking of stealing pacifiers from the babies. I wonder where he learned that one from?

I told day care that Drew is passing the reigns along to the next kid for when he moves into the "big kid" room, since Rusty does what Drew does!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Steaming Hot in May

It was H-O-T this past weekend. Don't get me wrong, I'd rather have warm weather over snow any day, but Mother Nature didn't even give us a chance to go from winter to summer.

Last week we had cold and rainy days then all of a sudden we had hot humid weather. There definitely was no in between.

Poor little Drew is just like his daddy, becomes irritated and nothing can make him happy in this kind of weather. It was so stuffy in the house, we had to go outside for some relief, but it was just as bad outside (so the AC's will be going in this week).

On Saturday, we spent sometime outside in the morning, but we headed to the mall for some errands and it was good so Drew could cool down. On Sunday though, we had to give the little guy two baths to help him cool down. So, for the summer we are coming up with plans to have fun outside and out of the house so we aren't stuck in the house on hot, hot days. We will have a sprinkler pad to play in, go to some museums, and play outside in the early or late of the day.

Its hard to imagine we are planning these things the first week in May!

Monday, May 3, 2010

12 and counting

So, my son is 12 months and two weeks old. Or he's 12 1/2 months old. Sometimes I say he just turned one. I feel a little odd when people ask how old he is now-a-days (especially like yesterday when someone asked if he was two years old and I replied, no he just turned one).

Do I continue with the month by month counting, but that seems a little odd (sorry to those who go by that after 12 months). But when he's 13, 14, 15 months old, do I say he turned one in April?

Its strange how clothes continue to count in months, 12, 18 & 24 months along with toys. I find my self counting to myself trying to figure out when Drew would turn these many months to pin point the correct age category for his toys (forget clothes, he's already close to moving out of some of his 18 months clothes into 24 month ones, pictured here in 24 months PJ's).

So, I'm in this predicament. I don't want to have to keep counting in my head on how many months he is turning since we hit the one year mark, but is that what everyone knows? Would I have to say when he turns 15 months old in July to have the person asking understand that he turned ONE three months ago? Or can I just say, he turned one in April or he'll be a year and a half in October? What would you do/have done?