Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It Blows My Mind

At work, I have a few bosses. Its kind of a supervisor ladder if you will; I have my office manager, the 2nd in command and then the head hancho.

The head hancho we share with two other schools. So, he runs back and forth every day between the three schools. Since they are all college's, you can imagine all the drama with student issues and even employee situations he has to be involved with.

All through my pregnancy, the head hancho would ask me questions like how I was feeling, how things were going and checking in with me. I wasn't really expecting him to really pay much attention to my situation since he has so much on his plate from his job.

Yesterday morning, before his usual big Monday morning Deans meeting he asked me, 5 more weeks (to my due date), right? I had a big smile on my face and said, yup we are almost there!

But what blew me away was, he has been counting down just like me and was right on. I know he may be counting down since he will be short an employee for 6 weeks, but it just amazed me that he was right on target and seemed really excited for me.

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Cherish said...

Aww, thats really sweet! And 6 weeks? wow...