Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just Like Grandpa

Drew not only does he resemble his Grandpa Charlie, but he likes to represent his favorite football team, Washington Redskins and look at Firetrucks, just like him! Wow, this is scary (not monster scary, just unbelievable scary how family resemblances come out through generations)!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Apple Picking With Family

Sunday was a beutiful day out. I'm so glad we chose it to go apple picking with the family. Its our annual trip to the Dickenson Farm with my in-laws, my neice, FIL, Jeff and for his first time on this trip, Drew. It was the usual routine, hop on the tracter, go to the orchard, pick apples and wait for the tractor to return, but it was still fun. I don't think I could ever get tired watching everyone have a good time.

Drew loved running free, helping daddy and Ally pick apples. Everyone likes to sample the product before placing them in the bag, but Drew, not so much. I'm sure it'll grow on him! I know he just enjoyed being with everyone. At the end of the adventure, he got to sit on the tractor that pulled us to and from the orchard, he loved that!

I can't wait until we do our annual Vermont day trip and what adventures we come across then.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Halloween Practice

We were out practicing the other day with Drew's motorcycle. He's working on his stearing, but riding is no problem. The reason we need to "practice" is Drew will be a Harley Man for Halloween! I just don't know how we are going to get him off the bike to go door to door, maybe once he finds out what the neighbors are going to give him, he'll leave the bike behind!

We started working on his costume this past weekend. We found clothing pieces at the near-by goodwill a few weeks ago and now its time to put it all together. I have to pick up a couple more items, but we are very close to completion! I can't wait to see it all done.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This Weeks Agenda

We have a busy week, never mind the weekend. Today, Drew had his first field trip with day care. Mommy went along so Drew could ride the bus (yeah, that was my excuse for going) to get to where they were going. The whole day care went apple picking! It was so much fun. Each kid was able to pick 5 apples and got a little gourde pumpkin. Drew loved picking the apples from the tree, that is until he noticed the broken down truck on the tree line and so wanted to go check it out. I don't have many photo's at the moment of the field trip since I had to borrow a camera from my dad (I didn't want to lug around my big camera), so I'm waiting for the transfer of pics.

Tomorrow, Jeff, Drew and myself head to the Big E. Its a tradition in our area to go to the Big E, which is a fair that celebrates the New England states with items from each state and most of all Massachusetts. There is lots of yummy food, tons of things to look at from crafts to animals. Then there are the kid rides. I hope Drew is tall enough to go on some, the last fair we were at he was short by a few inches (of course mommy is going on with him, but I don't want to push the height issue, its there for a reason).

Then over the weekend we have my cousin Sebastian's second birthday party and then we all go apple picking on Sunday.

Phew, its a busy week, but its loaded with fun.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Jenga Anyone?

Have you ever had that feeling that if something, just one more thing falls out of place, your life would crumble like the game Jenga? Yup, that's where I am right now. Things seem to get better and then I turn a corner and another obstacle is in the way. I try to get buy it, I struggle at times, I succeed, then I'm knocked right back down.

I know I'll get through my newest bump in the road, it'll just take some time.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bowling 101

I've bowled for fun in the past. So, I knew the basics going into this league we joined for Wednesday nights, but let me tell you, its also an education.

I'm learning how drinking and bowling doesn't mix (not me, just people on the other teams). I'm learning that my husband isn't the only person who hates to lose or not get all the pins down at once. I've learning that people think if they spend hundreds of dollars on bowling equipment, they think it will make them better (when its really the skills that make it all come together). I've learned that to some people, bowling isn't enough, they have to add other elements to the game.

What I've learned about myself, I have to drink tea before I play, it warms me up much better then waiting to warm up during the practice session. Its so cold in the bowling ally, I had to take it one step further. I'm using a borrowed ball and it works just fine. I'm there to have a good time and just concentrating on the actual bowling is enough for me.

Also, we did pretty good last night. We split the wins with the other team and over all had a great time.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm Not Ignoring You

I haven't forgotten about you. I think of you often. I've just been really busy doing homework for the past week, working on a very important task for Jeff and I. It ties up my free time after Drew goes to bed, so I had to pick and chose what was important.

Well, that homework is done for now and so I can continue to do the things I really enjoy.

You ask, what kind of homework? Well, Jeff and I filed for bankruptcy this year. Our process started back in February with a sit down with a lawyer. Then we (really, I had to) had to collect all the paperwork to support our finances for the past 6 months and submit them to the lawyer. Then we had to take an online credit counseling course that talked about bankruptcy and our finances.

Then the wait game began. They said it would take 6-8 weeks before we heard from anyone. It was more like 10 weeks, then of course I had to find MORE financial paperwork that for some reason wasn't on the list of things to gather up. So, that took a little more time.

Then finally, our first week of vacation we had turned in everything we needed, reviewed our paperwork and was able to officially file for bankruptcy. But, our case wasn't approved yet. We still had to go in front of a Massachusetts appointed trustee to review and except or deny our case. That meeting took place at the end of August. I was so nervous, I kept thinking what will happen if our case was denied. But, we were approved and all clear.

The final step was to complete a 2 hour online video education online. I am so happy the online classes were able to be broken up since they were so horribly done and degrading. So, that was my homework for the past week, watching online video's lecturing me/us about credit. So, that is done! Next step, submit our certificates to the lawyer once we receive them and we are dept free.

I know some people look at bankruptcy as a last resort and look at it as a mark on their credit history. Yes, it was our last resort, but I look at it as a chance to breath and have the weight taken off my shoulders.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

3 County Fair

We had a fantastic time at the fair over the weekend. The weather was perfect, Drew was in a good mood and and there was lots of fun to be had by all!! The fair was a local annual fair that has animals, rides, displays of tractors, food and anything you can think of that belongs at a fair.

The big attraction this year was the Monster Trucks! That is what made our decision to attend this fair rather then another on going on in the area. We knew Drew would L-O-V-E the trucks. As we walked through the gate of the fair, there was an announcement about premium seats to view the truck show and the opportunity to walk around the trucks with the premium seat purchase. We made a bee line to the box office to check out the upgraded tickets. It was only $5 more to get the extra perks (and Drew was free to enter the fair, for the monster truck show and for the premium seats......score!!).

Drew was in his glory walking around these larger then life trucks. He would walk up to the tire and hit the rim and smile. He was loving it! Then we discovered there was rides IN a monster truck. So, yup, Jeff, Drew and myself all got to ride in the back of a monster truck. Drew was serious the whole ride, but once he realized what was going on, he was in his own glory!

The show was entertaining. We didn't stay for the whole show since it was way past someones nap time and he was getting tired (not fussy since he was enjoying himself, just trying to get comfy). So, we left half way through the show, be for what we got to experience in the short amount of time, it was priceless. I hope the monster trucks come around next year so Drew can experience it all over again being a little older.

Friday, September 3, 2010


Its the Friday before a long weekend, Labor Day weekend. This year, it doesn't matter for me since my little department, moved into another department on campus and they are open over Labor Day weekend for student services.

So, yes I am happy its Friday for some reasons, but my week will not end today. I will work over the weekend and welcome those students who need assistance.

I will have Sunday off and we are planning on going to a local fair, so that should be fun. Well, as long as the hurricane doesn't stall and stick around longer then they plan.

Happy long weekend to those who are off!! Enjoy the time with family and friends. Oh, and don't feel too bad for me having to work, I'm using my holiday another time to go to the big fair in a few weeks. So, no worries there!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Always Helpin'

We have a little helper around the house. He loves to be involved, helping and then giving a hi-five once the task is done! It doesn't matter what is going on, Drew wants to be in it somehow and I think its great. I want him to learn things, to study how things work no matter if its big or small. I want him to be independent and want to do things on his own. And my philosophy is, it starts early on the small things. So, if he wants to take a swing with the fly swatter (once Grandpy takes care of the fly), sure thing! If he wants to throw the wrapper away once he's done eating his breakfast bar, sure thing!

Drew's new thing he's working on helping with is putting his socks on. He's getting there, the other day he put his sock on his big toe. Hey, you have to start somewhere, right!?!?!