Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Zack's a great kid. He's loving, caring and smart. He just has a big hurdle in life he needs to bound over and its his mom. His mother has full influence on him now with him being 10 hours away from us. It doesn't help that we only see him every few months which cuts down on the bonding with his father.

The poor kid is inheriting his mothers phobias and personalities. He doesn't have the best of both worlds, he just has his mother's world. His mother thinks she has full control of Zack and does not include his father in any decisions (medically, socially or for education). Jeff doesn't find things out until she has arranged situations or we receive a bill. The one big example is how she packed Zack up and moved him to VA. We didn't know she was moving him out of state until after the house was bought, school was picked and all the excuses in the world were made up. We only found out as a matter-of-fact type of conversation while Jeff was meeting with Zack's therapist (yeah, a therapist) and his mom.

With Zack being so far away, its hard to get updates. Jeff tries to talk with him weekly, but either she doesn't answer the phone or Zack is distracted during the phone calls by TV, video games, visitors or anything else that could be though of to get in the way of Jeff & Zack talking.

But, what we know of he's still doing good in school. We won't get his report card until the next visit. He likes his Wii he got for Christmas. He's getting back into watching American Idol. He's having lots of fun with friends and staying out of trouble. Other then that, we don't know whats going on with him. I wish we received better updates for the little guy, but we'll take what we can get. We are looking forward to the next visit in Maryland at the end of Feb. Yeah!

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Cherish said...

Its so hard when there are two sets of parents involved. Its too bad that his mom is so difficult too.