Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jeff Called It

Jeff made an observation about his ex, Zack's mom, after the December visit. I agreed with him too, but I'll give him the full credit. To fully understand and get the whole picture, I will share a timeline leading up to the email I received from Zack's mom on Monday.

Thanksgiving Visit-Announced to Zack first, then his mom, that we are expecting a baby at the end of April. She offered to bring Zack up for the Spring visit after the baby was born rather then schedule it before the baby arrives so Zack can see him. We all agreed and thought it was a was great.

Sometime during the week after Thanksgiving-Zack mentions that him and his mom are on their way to his mom's boyfriends house (while Jeff is on the phone with him). This is the first time we have heard that she is involved with someone. Not that it's any of our business, but its good to know who Zack is around.

December Visit-Usually Zack's mom travels with Zack, his grandmother and herself. This time she traveled with Zack, herself and her boyfriend. We asked Zack how the boyfriend was (especially with him) and he said he was alright, but he didn't talk much about him. I never met the guy officially, but I did see him from a-far. As we pulled away from the swap area, Jeff says I bet in 6 months she (Zack's mom) will either be "knocked-up" or engaged. I said yup, something major will happen soon.

Mid-January-We finally convinced Zack's mom to pick a weekend for the Feb visit. It was like pulling teeth, but we got it! Then the following day, I sent her an email confirming the Feb visit, double checked that she will bring Zack up after the baby arrives for the Spring visit, mentioned the Father's Day visit in MD and then gave her the two week shut down in August for Jeff's work. This email was just to list the visits so we can be on the same page.

The Email-"Hi there,I just wanted to let you know of some future events around the planning of our spring visit. Yes, we will be up after you have the baby. Zack's spring break is the week of the 13th, so you will still be pregnant. April 8-20, my co-worker is going on a mission trip and I am expected to be available during that time to cover.
Now this next event, has been in the planning, but to this point nobody is aware(Zack has an idea of the possibility, but not the definite, we are waiting to tell everyone closer to the date, everything is all planned and ready) I didn't want to tell you when we were discussing dates only because we have been trying to keep this under wraps. I am getting married on May 9, 2009, we haven't decided on a honeymoon yet, but are trying to work it out to go somewhere close up there and while Zack is with you.
So with all these things going on around the same time, just let me know what you guys want to do. We can come up while you are still pregnant, but then it wont be until Father's Day weekend that Zack gets to see the baby for the first time, or we can leave it the way it is and wait until you have your little boy.

So there you have it folks, Zack's mom is getting married. That we know of, she hasn't been with this guy more then 6 months. Jeff said that this is her pattern and that's why he made that statement back in December. Hmmm, is there anything else she's going to surprise us with? Why do you think she picked a date so soon? And its odd that she knew when the baby is due and she scheduled it around then (not that she has to plan her life around ours, but its just odd timing).

We didn't even have any real time to check with Zack to see how this guy treats him. Well, for every one's sake, he better treat Zack like a king.


Cherish said...

Wow. What can I say? Its crazy that she is getting married so soon and that Zack hasnt had much of a chance to talk with you guys about him.

Also, I can see why its so difficult for you to schedule anything because wow, that email was confusing!

Good luck

Melissa said...

Woah, crazy soon.. =/

But then again it seems to be a fad where a lot of people I know are getting "engaged", but they are younger (20's) geesh I'll never understand it..