Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baby Shower Details

My parents are being so kind as to throw Jeff and I a baby shower for baby Drew.

Over the last few weeks, my mom and I have been working on getting things together for the shower. Most things are all set, but I'm sure there will be last minute details we will come across and have to work on, but we will take care of when it does.

We originally ordered packs of fill-in-the-blank invitations from a local craft store around Christmas. They told us that they would arrive in two weeks. So, when the two week mark came I tried to call the store, but didn't get any answers. Mom and I decided to just to go the store and investigate. Come to find out, the invitations did not arrive yet. I couldn't wait! Not with handwritting so many invitations and not knowing when they'd be in. I canceled the order.

Instead, I found these cute invitations online at Tiny Prints. The one I picked is sampled above, but I liked it because of its simplicity. Also, the tiny foot prints matched something else I ordered for the shower. So, it was perfect.

My mom and I went to about 6 locations to scope out areas for the shower. I had one thing I was looking for before we booked a place. I wanted a location that had a limited amount of stairs at the entry for the elderly guests, me and when the gifts are brought to the car.

We found a place that wasn't too rough on the wallet and meet my only requirement. We are going to a local Country Club. The picture above is from their website and shows the back of the building. Our event will be held on the left side, with the big windows. The view was definitely a selling point for us. I hope the day of the shower the weather will be a beautiful early spring day, no snow on the ground, the grass turning green and buds on the trees. Let's wait and see!

I researched cute and unusual favors for our event. I didn't want something that is always used. So, after some time I came across these cute little (5oz) candy jars (below). Also, I was able to pick a sticker to be placed on the jar lid (like the brown B sticker below). I ordered light blue stickers, with white baby foot prints stating Thank You on them. I can't wait until they are put together.

As for the candy to go inside, that took a lot of looking around to find the best bang for our buck. Again, I didn't want the usual candy. So, at first I thought of M&M's (either blue & white or personalized), but no matter where I looked to purchase them, they cost a fortune.

I then found "Its a Boy" Hershey kisses. The kisses are wrapped in blue foil with the paper tail announcing "Its a Boy". They were perfect! We can order less since they are bigger and they look so darn cute! The hardest thing will be, not to eat them all while I put the kisses in the jars.

My SIL and her sister have come up with an awesome dessert. As soon as it was safe to start thinking about a baby shower, I asked my SIL if they could make their yummy dessert for the shower and they agreed.

They have come up with a great variety of filled cupcakes with little candies on the top to tie in the event. The hardest part will be deciding what flavors to have!

So, there you have it. The jist of the shower planning. The shower will take place 3/29 in the morning. My mom wanted a breakfast shower and that's what's happening. I will make sure to share pictures from the event when its time.


Melissa said...


I love all this, I am a planning fan! Love the kisses idea!!! OMG! You made finding out seem so much more fun!! (I did not find out what I was having on my first, and I'm glad but makes me wonder if I will find out on the next one)

The Sweet Family said...

I wish I lived close by to come! It sounds like a wonderful celebration for you all!

Take care and I can't wait to hear about everything you get!!!

Cherish said...

OMG those details sound perfect!!! I hope you two have a great time!

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