Friday, January 30, 2009

Nice & Relaxed

I indulged in a treat for myself the other evening. I went for a prenatal massage. Oh, it was lovely.

I have a bad back and since my belly is getting larger, its been causing my entire right side to flair up and cause even more discomfort. The "new" pain can come and go daily ranging from my shoulder blade area all the way down to my hip (and sometime cause my leg to feel numb or its about to fall asleep but without the tingling).

So, it was time to find some relief. I tried to make an appointment a couple of weeks ago, but the two people at the spa who perform the prenatal massage were booked solid for the day. So I took what ever the next available appointment was available which was for this past Tuesday evening.

While the massage was performed, I could feel where the tension spots were located (other then my new troubled areas were), but as she worked the muscled, relief came. It was so relaxing and worth it.

The bed was soft and warm (they have heated beds). The lights were dim, soft music played in the background with a small water fountain splashing in the corner. The message started on my right side (my back and legs), then I flipped over for the left side (back and legs) and finally I was on my back so she could work on my neck area.

When I left the spa the other night, I was pain free and warm. It was the best thing I could have treated myself too these days. I've already made another appointment for the end of next month. I can't wait!


Cherish said...

That souns amazing! I almost wish I was pregnant.....almost

Brooke said...

I am so jealous...I keep saying that I want to get a prenatal massage and have just been too busy to get around to it...I don't know about you but I am a stomach sleeper and I am on a hunt for a prenantal massage on a table with a hole in the middle so I can lay on my stomach!!

Melissa said...

How lovely sounding :)
I wish I knew of where to get a message when I was pregnant. Poor Ross had to take care of that business for me :D LOL