Monday, January 26, 2009


We made it to Babies R Us this weekend to register for the baby shower. Wow, was that a lot of work, but it was worth it. I'm still tweaking a few things before it goes live for the invitees for the shower, but we did good.

The women who helped us gave us the ballpark number to reach to reach for the amount of gifts to register for compared to the amount of guests being invited. It seemed impossible at first, but towards the end, we did pretty well.

Some people don't like to register for gifts, but I look it as a guideline for the guests. Yeah, we may have put somethings on there that we said, hey if we get it great, but if not no big deal. Of course there are some items we really hope to get, but we will wait and see.

Besides completing the registry, Jeff and I had a wonderful afternoon chatting about our future son. We chatted about our hopes and dreams for little Drew. Who knows if they will actually come true, but it was lovely to have the afternoon together and compare notes. One expample was we chatted about was if Drew was interested in sports, Jeff listed off which ones he can help him out with since he knows the rules & regs for them, but we also are open to other sports if he wants to try them and we will then learn those for him too.

Also, I asked if we would involve him in Boy Scouts. Jeff said if he wants too, but we will be camping with him so he'll learn a lot that way. I told Jeff, well maybe he wants to see if his father is BSing and wants to get the scoop from the experts. Jeff laughed and said, well I do that all the time, but yeah I know what you mean. You just assume certain things with your partner, but I appreciated it that we got things out in the open and knowing we are on the same page for a lot of things, we are that much closer to becoming a parental until together.

No matter what our little boy gets involved with (as long as its fun, healthy and good intentions involved) we will both be 100% behind him and that's good to know ahead of time.

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Melissa said...

Awwww, What a lovely day! So nice to hear the bonding you and Jeff had :) It's great when your preggo and to talk about it together.
I've thought about having a registry for the second baby, but somehow I thought people would get the wrong idea. It'd be nice with number two because I can tell them what I need, because I already have a lot. But then again I'd have to figure out if I plan on finding out the sex of the baby.