Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weekend Review

The weekend plans were adjusted a little, but it was still a busy one with some relaxation mixed in. On Saturday I called to see if there were any openings for a maternity massage at a local spa, but they were booked. So, while I was on the phone I booked an appointment for a couple of weeks out. Oh, I can't wait for that!

Then I worked on the "kids" room, just cleaning up a little. I wanted to just spruce up the room and sort through some of Zack's stuff, things to box up and put away because he's too big or sort through things in which we can donate. That felt good getting that done.

After lunch I sorted through some paperwork that's been piling up. Just sorting through paid bills, getting things ready for taxes and putting travel and medical expenses in a 2008 folder for Zack's.

On Sunday, some more snow fell (a few more inches) so Jeff and his dad had to do some clean up. So, that cut into our lunch plans, but we were able to still go to the movies. We did see, Paul Blart Mall Cop with Kevin James and it was a cute, funny movie. The only thing was, the real funny parts were on the commercials or previews, but there were still heartwarming and funny parts to it. It was definitely a thumbs up movie.

Then on Monday, mom and I hit the mall. We had to check on the invitations we ordered and of course they weren't in. That order was canceled. We origianally noticed them at a craft store and they didn't have enough on the shelf so we placed an order for more, over 3 weeks ago. I couldn't wait any longer since not knowing when they would come in and then we would still have to hand write all the information on the invitation, I couldn't wait. Then we started to purchase door prizes and worked on some favors and decoration iteas. I'll give more details on the shower soon.

Of course I had some relaxation built into the long weekend too. We watched some episodes of Lost, watched "My Best Friends Girl" with Dane Cook (a very raunchy comedy by the way), watched some of the inaugural events on TV and relaxed with my feet up. I would say that this past weekend was a good one!


Cherish said...

Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend! Only so many more of those left... :D

ecrunner said...

That movie confuses me. I don't know how it can get the reviews it does and still do so well.

Melissa said...

Just last night Ross and I went to Mall Cop, it was a good one!