Monday, January 12, 2009


Its cold around here and its just going to get colder. Its to be expected during January in New England. You know the snow is coming, you assume the temperature will be hovering around 30 degrees or lower. Its just common knowledge for living in this area.

What you don't expect is your car heater not to work in your much dependable vehicle on a cold morning where the temperature is around 20 degrees when you climb into it to head off to work. Yup, that happened to me on Friday. Lets just say, my finger tips were numb and my nose was red and my extremities where freezing by the time I got to work. It felt like I was outside, standing in place for about 15 minutes before I decided to come inside.

Let me run you through my Friday morning. I started my vehicle while still in the house (since I have an automatic car starter). The weather outside was cold, but no snow, ice or frost on the vehicle. About 10 minutes passed after I started the vehicle so it was time to head outside. I climbed in my van, got situated and pulled out of the driveway. When I turned off of my street I reached for my heater knob to turn up the heat and there was nothing. No blowing of heat, just the sound of the radio echoing in the vehicle.

I paused for a second and tried again. Nothing. I tried every option there was on the knob from defrost to the floor heat option, but still no warmth. I even tried the AC, but no air flow from my dash board.

So, after much investigation and getting my vehicle to a local garage to be looked at, it appeared a fuse or relay inside the blower motor has been shot and needs to be replaced. Of course the part isn't due to come in until today, but at least the mechanic has an idea what could be the problem.

I returned my vehicle to the garage this morning, in hopes to pick up the van this afternoon with some heat! At least the heat issue didn't show up during our winter mix/ice storm last week or the below zero temps for later on this week!

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Cherish said...

eek! That does not sound fun at all!