Thursday, January 15, 2009

Keeping Baby Safe Class

We were educated last night! Jeff and I signed up for a "Keeping Baby Safe" class given through the hospital we are using for our pregnancy. It was supposed to happen last week, but with our winter weather, it was pushed to this week. No biggie!

It was a 3 hour class, which was tough to sit in those uncomfortable metal chairs for so long, but it was worth it. The room was filled with other pregnant couples and two couples who just had their babies, so it was a good mix.

The class reviewed the typical home safety things you should do when bringing a baby and eventually a toddler in the house. It was mostly common sense, but it got you to think about situations that may occur. There were tips on fire safety, baby proofing the home, burn/drowning/hazard avoidance's, car seat safety and the differences between all those car seats out there for the baby's different stages.

The next part of the class was the main reason we both wanted to attend, baby CPR. I hope we never have to use it, but we know what to do in the event we do. This was a refresher for Jeff since he's been through this class before for Zack. This was my first real time around CPR training. I mean, I know basics to help someone, but I was happy to be there learning the specific techniques. It wasn't an offical CPR certification, but it covered the basics.

While we were there, I found out about another class offered through the hospital I may do some recruiting for!! Its a Grandparents class! It touches base on all the things that have changed since Jeff and my parents had kids. So, my mom is on board (she says its just for me she is doing it and I told no, its for Drew) and now I have to chat with my dad and FIL. My FIL is one of those people that says, "well we did that when you were a kid and you turned out just fine". Since we are living with him and now there will be two babies in the house (because of my SIL) I want him to see the changes rather then just hear them from me. Wish me luck getting him to go!

We start our birthing classes the first week in February. Wow, time is surly flying!


Cherish said...

Wow! Time really is flying! That baby will be here before you know it...well, probably not because it always seems to take longer for the pregnant one. But still, it sounds like everything is going along well. Good luck with everything!

Melissa said...

It's really hard getting those kind of people to do or believe in anything new, set in their ways. Good luck with it and let me know the technique you used when you get him to go! lol