Friday, January 16, 2009

Cake, Movies & Mall

I've got a three day weekend coming up, yeah! My grandpa keeps asking me if we have Tuesday off for the inauguration (since in his area, the government is shut down for the day in D.C.), but I keep reminding him that its just until Monday for Martin Luther Kings Bday.

So with that, I am hoping for a busy but a non-stressful weekend.

It'll start off with us attending a birthday party for my BIL this evening, so I can't wait to have cake! Of course see my niece too, which is always a blast.

Then Saturday, there really isn't much planned. I may work on the kids room (Zack & Drew's room) or go through the piles of paperwork or just lay on the couch and do nothing. Also, who knows what could come up in the mean time, but I'm planning on a low key day.

On Sunday, Jeff and I are planning on going out to lunch at our favorite steak house (yummy!) and go to the movies. We are going to see the new Kevin James movie where he is a security guard for a mall and disaster strikes. It should be funny!

Scheduled for Monday, my mom and I are going to the mall. We are going to take care of things for the baby shower my parents are throwing for us. So, that'll be fun. Also, I always get lunch out of the deal too, so that's a bonus!

I hope you have a nice relaxing, warm weekend ahead for you too!

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Cherish said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend to me! My plans consist of a whole lotta nuthin'! I cant wait to hear more about the baby shower too, those are my favorite part of pregnancies