Friday, January 23, 2009

New Obsession

Jeff has a new its not me. He has always been addicted in some way or another to video games.

Last tax season, we purchased a flat screen (I think a 26incher, nothing huge) TV and a PlayStation 3 for our room. I know, I think back now....big mistake! But, he's happy. He also bought a video game called "Call of Duty" that he was able to play with his brother and friends from work, or even by himself when he wanted. He would sit there for hours (days if I let him) playing this game. He did buy a couple of other games for the PS3, but nothing compared to Call of Duty.

Well, now we welcome Jeff's new video game obsession. Its now a computer game. One that he made fun of countless times to his buddies at work because he thought it was a stupid and childish type of game. He just didn't get it. I would think to myself as he said this, aren't they all?

Anyway, the new game he can't get enough of is World of Warcraft. Its violent, its loud, its addictive and the characters are all fantasy (trolls, gnomes, etc). It started off with a free trial right after Christmas. His friends must have told him to check it out. Well, now he owns the game and three books to help him along his journey. All this stuff isn't cheap either.

I'm glad he has found something that keeps him entertained and out of trouble, but it takes his attention away from reality for hours. On the weekends, he will stay up into the wee hours of the night and play this game. The only good thing is, its on his laptop so he doesn't have to sit in our room to play and I can go to sleep. One of the bad things is its on his laptop. When he plays while in our room, he used our computer desk where my computer is located. But, I don't harass him too much for being in the way since I'm usually in bed early anyway

So, there it is. Jeff's new obsession. World of Warcraft. And yes, I call him a dork all the time!


Ioana said...

Well...I'm a dork too then :D

Cherish said...

Boys and their toys, hey?!

I did a course last year where we examined those fantasy, online world type games. Before then I had zero interest in them and like Jeff, made fun of them. But then the more we talked about them the more interested I became! It wasnt because of the games themselves or anything like that, I just liked the idea of another online world of interaction. When I went to check them out though, my graphics card in my laptop wasnt good enough. I think I may have become addicted if I had of had access to them at the time.

Instead, I blog! lol :P

Brooke said...

You are so screwed...I have several friends whose husbands play this and it is BAD!!! They hardly ever poke their head out away from the computer...Good luck with new baby!! :p

Neat fact...there are actually people who get paid for playing this game for other people on the other side of the world while they sleep or go to work so their characters will be well ahead of all of the other ones. How lame is that! Or maybe Jeff can get a part-time job doing that!

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