Monday, January 5, 2009

Vampire Stories from NE

I know, its not a holiday season type of book, but it was next in the pile to be read. I bought it sometime ago and actually forgot that I hadn't read it yet.

This book is compiled with short stories about, well, vampires in the New England area. Some of the stories were gripping and when the story ended I felt like it could have gone on and on since it was so well written.

Others, I have to be honest, I skipped since it was hard to follow. Those stories seemed to be written, not in our modern writing style. So, it was hard for me to go from one to the other in the same book. If it was one style all together, it would have been easier for me.

But, I love to read about this subject, no matter if its one story or short stories.

So, if you are interested I'd recommend it but just be aware there may be some stories that may be hard to follow. Just skip 'em like I did! Don't let those stories ruin it for the intriguing ones.

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