Sunday, June 14, 2009

Well Wishes

This year in our family, it is expanding almost every month this summer with babies.

This month, friends of Jeff's side of the family, Kara & David, were expecting a little girl. She was due towards the end of the month.

Friday, we received a phone call that Kara was rushed in for an emergency c-section. She was two weeks early. I guess Kara stopped feeling the baby moving around so she went to the hospital to have things checked out. After her ultra-sound began, it was discovered the placenta stopped working. They found a heart-beat, but rushed her into surgery.

Madison Drew* was born Friday afternoon, but in need of some medical attention. She had to have two blood transfusions since her count was in the mid-20's and it should be in the 50's. Madison has spent her first few days in the nicu, but she is coming along beautifully.

We haven't visited them to give them their space, rest and let them keep their focus on the baby. When I have updates, I'll pass them along. But in the mean time, please send your warm wishes and prayers their way for a speedy recovery for the both of them.

*They were going to name their little girl Drew, but at Christmas time they found out we were naming our little boy Drew, so they changed their minds.


Melissa said...

How terribly scary! It's a good thing she and the doctors caught onto it quick. I'll keep them in my prayers. I'm glad she's doing much better and keep posting!

Cherish said...

Oh wow, that must have been so scary for them. Im glad every one is doing better though and what a pretty name for a little one!