Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Water Is Too Cold

Over the weekend, it was hot and humid in Maryland. After lunch on Friday, we decided to head back to the hotel for a couple of hours. I wanted to get all of Zack's things into the room and give the boys a chance to jump in the pool.

By the time we get the hotel, we actually had only a hour and half before we had to meet back at grandpa's to head south to visit family. So, we pile on Zack's stuff so we don't have to make a second trip (yeah, he brings that much stuff for a short visit and really doesn't even touch 90% of the things he brings) and make it into the room.

Jeff was in charge of getting Zack ready for the pool and I had Drew duty. So, I start talking with Drew to get him excited and smiling while I strip off his clothes and diaper, put on his swimming diaper, swim shorts, lather on the SPF and find his bucket hat. In the mean time, Zack is dressed and Jeff is layering the sunblock on Zack while complaining we should get the spray kind (blah, blah, blah).

We hop on the elevator and find our way to the pool. It looks so refreshing with the crystal blue water and the heat just pounding on the top of our heads, Zack couldn't wait to get in. While he was sitting on the side of the pool he mentioned how cold the water was, but we just assumed it was from being out in the humid weather, it can make the water feel that much colder. Jeff took Drew around to the stairs of the pool, tested the water and proceeds to dunk his little feet into the water. As soon as his toes hit the water, blood curling screams come from our little peanut.
I guess the water was too cold for him. Drew didn't want anything to do with the water after he started to cry. He had enough. Drew was "in" the water less the one minute. Zack however took the plunge. As you can tell by his face, it was a tad bit chilly for him too.

Zack tried to get Drew to enjoy the coolness of the water, but it was no use. Drew threw in the towel long ago. Zack only stayed in the pool for about 10 minutes. I guess when the hotel advertises for a heated pool, they really mean the water will eventually be warmer as the sun beats down on it. Who knows if they really have a heater to take the chill out of the water.
Its too bad that the water was so cold. All that quick prep on the boys and all for a disappointing adventure. But, Drew took a dip in his first swimming pool and his big brother was there to help!

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Melissa said...

Wow, based on his face it does look cold. I think I'd mention something to the front about the cold pool. Eek, well you always have a bright side to look at first time in a pool with his brother there. :)