Monday, June 29, 2009

All partied out!

Drew attended his first party. Yeah, he was surrounded by ladies, but he didn't mind at all.....he's just like his daddy.

He went with mommy to his Auntie Jenn's baby shower. Drew looked so handsome. He had a cute button down shirt, blue shorts with blue sandals. He was so adorable, you could just eat him up.

This was the first time alot of the mutual family friends were able to see him since he was born, so he was being passed around, admired and complimented on how good he was during the party.

It helped having his big cousin, Ally around to entertain him. Oh, they were having a great time playing with each other. Ally is defiantly going to be the big sister type when he gets older. Ally would play with Drew, then run off to play with a cousin from Vermont and then come back to check on Drew. One time Drew was off with a friend and Ally kept saying, I want him back here with a pouty look on her face. It was too cute. I had to explain that he'll be back, no worries. Then she'd go off to play with Sianna.

Jenn(in purple) with Nate and his family
Jenn, my SIL, made out wonderfully for her little boy (they are thinking of Jayden Joseph for his name, but its not 100% yet). She had the diaper raffle like we did, so they are going to be set on those suckers for a good part of his first year. Jenn and Nate (her boyfriend) were very pleased with everything they received.
I enjoyed after the shower, once everything was home, helping them go through it all. Jeff and I volunteered to help them sort through things so they can make a list of things they will need to get after their move to an apartment next month.
After the shower, our family from Vermont came over to our house for a quick bite before they headed back north. It was wonderful to visit with everyone after the party. Drew had such a busy day, he was pooped by the time everyone left.


Melissa said...

What a stud! Looks like he had a great time with his cousin :) She's so cute, hope they are close like you were saying :D

The Sweet Family said...

He looks so much older than he is.

The last picture is absolutely beautiful. . .I could eat him up!!

Take care