Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Buzz Buzz Buzz

Drew was born with a full head of hair. Dark brown and thick. Its thinned out a little, but still he has so much hair that his Grandpy is jealous. He has so much hair, it covers his ears and drapes over his caller.

Well, Jeff and I made an executive decision on Saturday to give him his first haircut. I know the "rules" are that you should wait until the babies first year, but we couldn't wait. Who knows how long his hair would grow in the next 10 months.

We only trimmed around his ears. Oh, that was an adventure in its self. Of course I was the one to actually do the cutting and trimming so I got all the flack because the hair wasn't perfect after being cut. Jeff was the one to try and hold Drew's head still while I cut. Then my FIL was the photographer.

That poor child had no idea what was going on, he cried and screamed until Jeff let go of his head.

I know the trimming isn't perfect, but we feel much better about his hair. Hopefully now we won't get the commits "Oh, what a pretty little girl" while he's dressed all in blue!


Melissa said...

You are brave miss! I would not have the guts, Rachel's first cut was just a little before her second birthday ... lol!

I have to say though it looks good, thank goodness he wasn't to big to move around, :)

As for the people thinking he is a girl in blue clothing, I had Rachel in a pink dress at walmart one time and she had a lot of black hair when she was born and looked more like her dad and even then they said "oh cute look at the little boy!" :|

Cherish said...

people are insane lol! you are a brave woman though. Rayden had his first cut when he was quite small too but I got my mom to do it.