Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Busy Weekend

Oh, where to start! This weekend was so busy, but so rewarding and fun at the same time. It was so great to see Zack, Drew meeting his family for the first time and to see the boys have a great time together.

We met Zack and his mom at a local Dunkin Donuts in Maryland (it was a spot she knew where it was near her hotel). We brought Drew in while he was sitting in his car seat. When Zack peered over the handle, Drew was starring at him with the look on his face....I know you from somewhere.

When we got to Grandpa's house, Drew was placed on the floor on his play mat and Zack stuck his head over him and Drew flashed the biggest and longest smiles at his big brother. It was heart melting to see Drew recognizing Zack. After a little while Zack picked him up and they were talking up a storm together.

Grandpa thought Drew was the bestest thing. I think he hadn't held a baby is some time, so he was a little stiff holding Drew (also, I'm sure Drew was a little heavier then he was used to picking up too) but he kept starring at him no matter where he was. Grandpa also calls Drew, Tom. This is because they share a middle name. The first time he did this, I though who was he talking about and then it hit was because of his middle name.

Then it was off to visit more family. Everyone just adored little Drew and was excited to see Zack. Aunt Virg was even teaching Drew early how to play the piano.

There is so much more to share about our weekend, but I'll get to that soon. It was so great to see Zack too. We won't see him next until our big vacation in August. We found out yesterday that he made the honor-roll at school. That's a great way to head into middle school next year.
Also, Drew traveled so good to and from Maryland. He did fantastic!!

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Melissa said...

Sounds like a busy weekend so far, Happy Birthday miss! 30, wow I didn't see that in you. Zack is really close with his daddy :)

Love the Tom thing Drew and his Grampy have going. It'll be a nice little thing just the two of them will have :D