Monday, June 15, 2009

Aaaaah, that's nice!

People say my son is weird. They say he's a backwards kind of kid.

The major thing that makes people say this is Drew's love of the shower and the sound of running water. We discovered his love when he was a few days old. It occurred during his first sponge bath at home.

Drew was fussy throughout the entire sponge bath. At the point it was time to rinse his hair, we figured the easiest way was to put his hair under the faucet with running water. We assumed he would scream bloody murder at that point, but as soon as his hair touched the water, there was silence from him and only the sound of the water filled the room. Jeff and I just looked at each other in amazement.

Drew during his first sponge bath
When Drew was able to take a regular bath, we set his little tub up on the kitchen table. As soon as he touched the water, he screamed. He didn't like it at all! We covered him with a washcloth to see if he was cold, no he screamed. We tried to sooth him with our voices, no he screamed. We tried everything, but he just wouldn't enjoy himself.

Drew during his first bath
Jeff mentioned after the bath that he wanted to try and take Drew into the shower with him. Ever since then, Drew loves the shower. He just relaxes and goes for the ride.

Shower time with Daddy
We think part of the love for the shower is the sound of running water. As soon as he hears the water, in a faucet or shower, he just relaxes. We really caught onto his liking of the sound when he was fussy in the middle of the night. I thought I would try background noise with the faucet just to help break up the wait time for his bottle and as soon as it was turned on, the silence returned and he looked up at me while he laid in my arms with the expression, why didn't you do that sooner?

So, people say that Drew is an unusual kid because of his way he likes water. We just discovered too that if we are in need to cool Drew down from the heat, we can put him in the sink with the running water and he loves it just as much as a shower.

I can't wait for him to try out the little sprinkler pool I picked up for him this weekend.

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Cherish said...

that's a really cute little quirk! Im sure Jeff is loving the shower time with Drew just as much as he is. :)