Friday, June 5, 2009

Guess who this is?

Hi everyone, its Drew again! I snuck away from Grammie. We are playing peek-a-boo and I got away when her hands were over her eyes. Man am I good!

Mommy's at work now and I do miss her, but I'm having a blast with Grammie! At least I get a break now from having to go on their wild adventures when they are together. But I hear them talking that we are doing something together this weekend. I can only imagine what I am in for with those too. One time, they painted my foot blue and made me step on a piece of paper. Can you imagine that? Phew, am I glad that's over! The paint brush kept tickling me!

So, anyways......I'm doing great! I can't believe how tall I am and neither can mommy. I'm almost out of my 0-3 months clothes because I'm so "long". I can't wait to see what clothes I have in my next size. She loves to dress me up in all the fun clothes I have. I don't mind since I secretly love it too.

Oh, I get a kick at how excited everyone gets when I smile at them. Man, I wish I did it sooner when I'm awake since its so funny. I guess I do it in my sleep since I was a week old, but it was because of those wild and crazy dreams I have. I'll never tell what they are about since I like to keep everyone guessing. I hear daddy, mommy and Grammie asking all the time what I'm dreaming about, but my lips are sealed.

Man, this tummy time that mommy has me do is a work out! She gets so excited when I lift my head waaaayyyy up off the ground. She claps and says in a screechy voice "yeeeeaaaahhh" when I do it. She things its cute, but I don't want to tell her otherwise since she's my mommy. But, I think I'm doing great when she flips me over. I try and try to crawl too while I'm flipped over. I kick my legs and dig my feet into the comfy blanket, but I can't go anywhere yet......but just wait!! I haven't mastered rolling over yet either, but we practice all the time. Just try and figure out how I get away to write in mommy's blog.

Well, I hear Grammie getting closer so I better go hide somewhere else. Wish me luck!


Melissa said...

Oh the imagination :D

Love the foot picture, I forget how tiny baby feet are! Eeeeee!!! Glad to see that you and Gramie are doing good, looking forward to hearing about your weekend plans. :)

Cherish said...