Friday, June 12, 2009

Next Week At This Time

Next Friday, we will be in Maryland visiting Zack and my Grandpa. Those two guys can't wait to see Drew (forget about Jeff and I). Zack can't wait to see how Drew has changed since he first saw him when he was a few days old. We've told him over the phone about all the changes, but its so much better to see them in person.

This will be the first time Grandpa (and the rest of my family in Maryland) get to see the little guy. Great-Grandpa can't wait. He has pictures sent to him weekly, but again, its nothing like holding the real deal in your arms.

Also, my parents will be there for a visit too. They are actually leaving this weekend to be there for the week. I don't know how my parents (especially my mom) will be able to be away from Drew until Friday, but it will be interesting to see their reactions. But, I've already warned them that Great-Grandpa gets to hold him first!!

It will be interesting traveling with an infant for that long of a trip, but it has to be done so we can see Zack. Wish us luck!!

My dad & Drew


Cherish said...

wow, sounds like a big 'ol family reunion! But if your mom is going to be gone all week, who is watching the little man? Im sure she'll be going crazy not seeing him for so long

Amanda said...

Yeah, she is already talking about how she is going to miss him. We realized a few weeks back that I had no one to watch him, luckily a friend at work's wife is off for the summer and is willing to watch him for the time. Phew!!