Thursday, June 18, 2009

Timeline Thursday

Posing for pictures 6/12/2009

Laughing at mommy singing 6/13/2009

First Mohawk 6/14/2009

Lazy tummy time 6/15/2009

My belly is full 6/16/2009

Drew smirking after I told him he was stinky 6/17/2009

Sleeping little boy 6/18/2009


floreksa said...

Holy crap! Look at how big he is!!!!

Little bugger will be walking soon if we don't get our butts over to visit. LOL

Have fun this weekend!

Amanda said...

Tell me about it, he wants to crawl so bad when he's on his belly!

The Sweet Family said...

He is such a cutie!!!

Cherish said...

Its amazing how fast he is growing. He looks all grown up now...well, that is until I saw the sleeping one. He still looks like a deliscious new born in that one!