Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What's New With Zack?

Not much....according to him!

We just found out that Zack will be the ring bearer for his mom's wedding* on Saturday. He's pretty excited. I hope we will receive a photo of him all dressed up, but we'll have to see.

Also, he's excited that school will end soon. He is finishing up in the 5th grade and will be heading to a new school next year for the 6th grade. Wow! Middle school already!

He started soccer a couple of weeks ago and his team is doing good.

Other then that, we don't have any other updates for Zack. When Jeff calls to chat with him, he's either distracted by video games or tv. Or like this past Sunday, he wasn't home and his mom told Jeff that she'll have him call when he gets home and then never did. So Jeff had to call him on Monday and of course he was distracted by something and didn't want to talk. I'd just wish that she would help Jeff out and have him stop what he was doing to actually talk to Jeff, but we know that will never happen.

*As for the wedding, we don't know too many other details other then it is taking place this Saturday and the plans haven't been going as smooth as she would like it. I guess two people in the wedding party backed out and the honeymoon plans are falling through. Awh, that's too bad! The reason we know this much is when Jeff called for Zack on Sunday, Jeff casually asked about her big day (to be nice) and she spilled her guts. So, if I hear any other details, I will definitely share them!!

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