Tuesday, May 12, 2009


How come overloaded advise come from those who you don't want it from?

I was at the grand-opening of one of my aunts breakfast/lunch cafe's yesterday and all I got was bogus advise from my family about Drew. I got the "oh, you should do it this way', "oh, you are doing it wrong", etc.

The only one who didn't say anything was my wise grandmother. She knows that every mother has their own way of taking care of their child and if I wanted to ask something, I would ask her.

As for close friends and family, I welcome the advise (please don't think I don't). Its just the ones who I don't see very often think they have to help me out by giving me all this advise. Do I have something on my forehead for them that say, please help....I don't know what I'm doing? No, I think I've done pretty good so far being a first timer, and I have no idea why I get the comments I do. It must be some-sort of pride thing for those family and friends I guess.

Also, I get the question, didn't you go to a class to learn this? Um, yeah but I wasn't taught that, we learned something else.

I don't know. It can get frustrating sometimes. This weekend we are going to a cousins christening, and I'm sure I will get the same thing since its the same family members we will be around.

I can't urge my close family and friends enough, how much I appreciate them and all of their help!


floreksa said...

WTH could they think you're doing wrong?

You're doing a great job!!

Melissa said...

I think it's one of those universal things that has to be done, every mommy has to go through it to get a badge .. along with poop up to your arms and spit up on the shirt you were going to wear out to an important function. IT WILL NEVER STOP. I still get it and Violet is two, wish I had better to say about it but if it helps I honestly think your doing great! xoxox

Amanda said...

The latest things are about how I prep Drew's bottle, his sleep pattern and how I should hold him while I feed him. :(