Friday, May 1, 2009

Back to Work

Monday, Jeff goes back to work. Yikes!!

He's been off from work with Drew and I since he was born. I'm scared, worried and terrified all in one to be by myself for a couple of reasons.....Jeff and I have been working off of each other with solutions for everything we come across with Drew. Also, Jeff will have to work on his sleep pattern this weekend, so I will be almost flying solo with the feedings. I'm worried about being extra sleep deprived around Drew and do something stupid.

I know you experienced mothers out there will tell me not to worry, but with my first day alone on the horizon, its a little intimidating. I can always go pick my mother up and have her with me for the day, but to actually get to the point of getting dressed, packed in the car and then head to her house to pick her up, seems like a challenge for the first time being alone. But, I will manage and get through it. I know I will. I just wanted to get my feelings out all over the place and see if that helps!! Wish me luck!


Melissa said...

Sounds like you got yourself convinced that you are capable of doing it all on your own :D

One bit of advice, take a shower when the baby sleeps. I had this worry when I had Violet that she would wake when I was showering and I wouldn't hear her so I would never shower when I was alone with her meaning I'd wait till someone is home, which is alright. .. but not all the time will someone be home in the right time to get one. lol, I still have this problem that I have to wait for someone to be home .. and it sucks that I never got over my phobia of it :(

Good luck hun, you sound like your doing amazing! And like you said before you know it you'll be used to it. Love hearing all these new mommy things again :D:D:D:D

Melissa said...

Ps. I love the daddy and son pictures, but come on we want more mommy and Drew pictures too!! :D
lol, xo

Amanda said...

There are a couple of pics with me and Drew, but I'm the one taking all the pics :) I'll see what I can do!