Friday, May 8, 2009

Oh, I can have that now!

Its amazing how once you get into a routine, you just go with it.

When I found out I was pregnent, I modified my diet immediatly. I cut out lunch meat, hot dogs, caffine (except a very small amount of chocolate), made sure to eat more veggies and fruit and all kinds of adjustments to make sure I was giving my child a healthy start.

After Drew was born, I started to realize that I could eat restricted items again. It wasn't immediate for certain things, but after 9/10 months of being pregnant, its hard to realize that you could go back to your pre-pregnancy diet. I'm not going crazy, since I have to shed my pregnancy pounds, but it feels great to be able to eat certain things again.

I was craving a rubin sandwich from about month 6 through the end, so that was a given that I would have one as soon as I could. The other thing that took some time to realize I could have again was a regular tea or a chai from Starbucks. About a week after having the baby, I was continuing to drink decaf tea. Then all of a sudden, it felt like a switch went on, I realized I could have regular tea again. Duh! Also, its nice to be able to treat myself to a Starbucks chai again!

Its been like one big discovery for the past few weeks figuring out what I can have again. Who knows what I will discover I can have today!!

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Cherish said...

I never really did cut out things during my pregnancy but I did while breastfeeding and it was wonderful when I was able to have a few of them again. My problem though was that I immediately gained 20lbs from all of those wonderful things that I had gone without and suddenly wanted lots of. Enjoy your chai!