Monday, May 11, 2009

My First Mothers Day

It was my first official mothers day yesterday and it was great. There was one thing missing to make it over the top, and that was Zack. But, I had Drew and the rest of my family around to celebrate.

After I woke up, I found Jeff and Drew playing in the living room. Jeff whispered to Drew "Ok, now what have we been practicing?" He holds Drew's little head towards me and says in a tiny voice, "Happy Mothers Day mommy". I had two cute as can be cards handed to me (one from Jeff and the other from Drew) and was told I have a mothers ring on order with Drew and Zack's birthstones in it. I was so excited.

I mentioned to Jeff around the time we started to talk about having a baby that someday I'd like a piece of jewelry with our kids birthstones on it. I told him that I want Zack included in the piece since he is my step-son. Zack has been in my life for 7 years now and I consider him a son, so it only made sence to me that he be included in the jewlery. I just didn't expect my little surprise so soon.

Then my FIL and myself (with help from my BIL) we served up a mother's day brunch/breakfast for the family. We had the works, except waffles or pancakes (maybe next year). It was wonderful. It was so great to have everyone over to celebrate and visit with each other on such a wonderful day.
After breakfast was finished and everyone left, we had a nice relaxing afternoon at home. It was a perfect day!

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