Monday, May 4, 2009

Ally Loves Drew

My cute little 4 year old niece, Ally, didn't quite understand all the talk about a baby before Drew was born. She would hear us talk about the baby, I tried to have her feel the little guy move around in my belly (but he of course would calm down as soon as she would put her hand on my belly) and try to tell her that baby Drew will arrive soon. She would just look at us like we were crazy, since she didn't see any baby.

Then the big day arrived. Ally and her dad (her mommy was sick, so she couldn't come) came to visit when Drew was a day old. I think Ally was a bit over whelmed being at the hospital and not really know what was going on. She acted really shy, even though it was just her family there with no strange people around. Ally didn't want to go over and see the baby, so she sat on her Uncle Jeff's lap and ate her chocolate "Its a boy" cigar and seemed to feel a little better.

Then, by the following weekend, all she could talk about was the baby. She couldn't wait to come over and see him. All she talked about was the baby. But, one strange thing occurred, she couldn't remember to call him baby Drew. She would call the little guy baby Jayden. Her parents had no idea where she came up with the name (no friends at "school", etc), but we all knew who she was talking about.

She was so excited about her new little cousin, she wanted her own pictures to bring to school. When she was holding him for the first time (with Auntie Amanda's assistance), she would just talk and talk about baby Jayden.

Ally loved to touch his little toes (after she saw Auntie do it, it was ok) and caressed his soft hair ever so gently. Every time he made a little sound, she would look at me with wonderment in her eyes. I could tell she really loves her new little cousin.

I can't wait for these two to be able to play together. There isn't anything better then two cousins who love to be with each other.
The strange thing about Ally's nickname for Drew is, when we told the story to my pregnant SIL, she said that Jayden is one of the names they were considering naming their little boy. Now that's strange! Maybe Ally already knew somehow and she was getting her babies mixed up?


floreksa said...


She's getting better with Drew. She will at least stop herself now when she says Jayden, but now needs the prompt of "Baby who?"


How's day 1 alone going?

Cherish said...

ooooh, that's an interesting theory about the names. I find that the preschool age is great for babies, they are just so interested. I know my Chris is probably the most interested in Josiah out of my guys.

Amanda said...

We are surviving so far because my mom is here. He just wants to be held, I think he misses his dad. More updates to come!!

Melissa said...

Love the thought about the name, and the pictures really brings warm thoughts :D
Hope they are all really close!

Glad you have your mom, nothing like mom's help! :)

Anonymous said...