Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Walk This Way

Drew is on the move. He has been for some time now. He's done his army crawling, his big boy crawling, cruising and now steps. His first actual steps took place on Friday 4/2 (yeah, I'm not keeping track or anything).

That night he slid down his slide with the help of Grandpa Charlie. When Drew came off the slide he was holding onto Grandpa Charlie's hand and Grandpy John was crouching down in front of him. Drew let go of Grandpa Charlie and took 4 steps towards Grandpy John. It was amazing to watch! My eyes instantly teared up at this beautiful site.

Since then, Drew has taken the occasional step from an object to another object and either held onto something or fallen down. But, he hasn't given up! He's a trooper, he's determined to master this new task.

Last night was the biggest night so far. Drew was standing independently, taking a few steps here and there....the usual. Then at one point (while only in his diaper) he was standing in his room door way starring out into the hallway. I was in his room watching him. All of a sudden he took a couple of steps, and kept going, and continued getting faster and faster. He took about 10 steps all at once and he kept getting faster with each step. He lost his balance at one point, but if it wasn't for that, he would have been running around the kitchen, none stop!

But, that moment is coming very soon that one day we'll look up and he's running around the back yard!

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