Monday, April 12, 2010

Play, Play, Play

Its such a good thing, to see Drew having such a great time outside. I was worried that my little boy wouldn't like it outside (for what ever reason), but those worries were washed away once he discovered all the neat things that are out there this Spring.

Drew loves to walk, hide, laugh and climb on his swing set. Oh, and swing of course. I can't wait for the weather to stay warm so we can be out back more often. I feel bad when he points through the kitchen windows to his fire truck or swing set and its either too late or too chilly to be out there.

That little boy loves to discover new things all around the yard and yes, things do end up in his mouth that shouldn't, but he soon discovers a dead leaf does not taste too good and quickly spits it out. But, it all part of the learning curve we go through and its amazing to watch!!


Cherish said...

Awww, that's sweet. Owen is the same way. Just tonight he was crying and saying "out" when he saw Daddy go outside. Here's to lovely playing outside weather.

Starry-Eyes said...

He seems to love the outside! :)