Friday, April 2, 2010

Under the Weather

I have a sick little boy at home. Its been going on since the 17th. I don't like to see him this way! We almost made it a year without anything "major". We had a few fevers and colds, but we almost made it with out an ear infection, but didn't quite get there.

On the 17th I called his doctors office and explained why I felt Drew was not doing so well. They saw him (it wasn't his usual doctor if you remember me explaining last week that I think I have the strongest baby in the world) and said he has an ear infection in his right ear and a sore throat. He was giving the pink amoxicillian (and mommy had it flavored cherry). We did the 10 day routine of medication, no problem. His last day on the meds was last Saturday.

On Sunday, something wasn't right. Drew was showing the same symptoms as he did before the 17th. I called his doctors office this past Tuesday and explained what was going on. The nurse on the other end mentioned that is sounded like the infection returned. So, we went it for a check-up. I thought it traveled to his left ear, but turns out it was back in his right ear. Now it was time for stronger medication.

Now with Drew on this stronger antibiotic, my world has been turned upside down! I witnessed my 11 month old going through some pretty rough stuff all while he looks at me with those sad eyes asking for help. All I could do was make him comfortable. He wouldn't eat, barely drank, slept often and we couldn't keep a clean diaper on him for very long. Also, I didn't freak out when I was vomited on for the first time, I'm very proud of myself if I do say so myself!

I think we are turning over a new leaf starting this evening. The vomiting has stopped, but the massive amounts of dirty diapers are still showing up. He is starting to eat solid foods again, which is a great sign. We are going onto day 4 on this new medication, day 10 cannot come fast enough.

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