Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More Outdoor Fun

As it was before, Drew loved being outside. Walking around the back yard in the warm weather, pushing around his fire truck or wagon.

Now, he has an added bonus.....a swing set. I know he's a little young for an actual swing set, but I had wanted to get a baby swing to hang off the large tree in our back yard, but Jeff and his dad didn't think the tree could support one.

So, instead we got a new swing set instead of building a contraption to hold a baby swing. Jeff and my dad put it together, with some supervision by Drew.

Drew enjoyed watching his daddy and grandpa put this thing together for him. He really like crawling around the long box that it came in (I think even more then actually watching them, but we won't let them know).

We think Drew enjoys this new play thing in the back yard more and more each day. He has fun playing around the slide while laughing and "running" around it with his daddy. Drew likes going down the slide (with help for now) and he shows it with a great big Kool-Aid smile every time he goes down it. But the best thing, his swing. He almost fell asleep in it over the weekend, but he spotted his Granpy coming out of the house and he perked right up.
Drew is going to have a blast in the back yard this season!!

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Cherish said...

Awww, how sweet! I love the one where Drew is pointing as if telling them how to do it right.